Surprise Yourself

Joy By Hair? What the heck …. 

Good morning W3,

It is a beautiful Sunday morning and I admit to walking a bit gingerly after a day in the yard yesterday – shoveling and lifting and such – as we are preparing the back yard for our son’s trampoline birthday gift.

Funny how those muscles are SO pleased at being used again that they sing out in joy for days afterward isn’t it? 😉

I also went for a little joy infusion and visited my favorite hairstylist for a fun and fiery color change.

Changing my hair style and color has always been a vehicle of creative expression for me … it could be long, it could be short, it could be red, it could be blue … like a mood ring it is ever changing and a fun and temporary way to express myself.

It could be why I am so incredibly excited to be chatting with another wild and wise woman who crossed my desktop with her amazing and gorgeous hair and makeup expression (and as a w3 who is so SO low skill and willingness to labour in this department … it takes a lot to catch my eye!)

Our membership FILLED with creative, amazing, rockstar superstar, interesting, compelling wild and wise women is going to be the MOST incredible experience! I can’t wait to unveil it to you all!

But back to the topic at hand.  Joy and creative expression – I believe they are intuitively linked. And I am fierce about taking the “rules” away from what is “considered” creative.

I can’t draw to save my life. I can’t paint beyond broad brushstrokes of color. I dabble in writing 😉 and singing as you know but I honestly feel that giddy creative feeling when I am changing my hair because … there is really no outcome expected from it except surprise, delight, and fun.

And those are really important contributors to a happy, passion-fueled, joy-filled, success-FULL life.  Yes!

Surprise, delight, and fun.

And with our lives so crazy busy, every moment crammed with tasks and never-ending to-do lists looming … it’s time to plan some surprise delight and fun and schedule it into your day W3.

Let’s schedule it into TODAY!

This life is yours to grab onto … surprise yourself with new tastes, smells, thoughts, ideas, views (take a drive or ride or walk somewhere new).

Delight yourself with something “luxurious” or “decadent” like a nap, a piece or two of really incredible chocolate, a racy novel, a dance party for one (or two) ;), a bright new color on your toes.

Have fun with it! Giggle and be silly. Don your biggest most outrageous sunglasses, hat, socks – and hit the streets without a care in the world. Weave ribbons in the spokes of your bike, open all the windows so your hair is flying and play your favorite sing-along music loud while you take a drive.

Revel in this day! Savor the moments you create.

Do something today that your tomorrow self will look back at and say “Now THAT was an awesome ride!”

I promise you’ll thank yourself for it.  It’s how we live W3 – it’s how we live wild and wise.

You Are Loved,

Christa  xo

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photo by Allef Vinicius via unsplash