walking in sunshine

None of Us Are Getting Out Of Here Alive 

Good morning W3,

I took this morning’s subject from a W3 FB post that resonated with a lot of you. It goes a little something like this:

None of us are getting out of here alive,
so please stop treating yourself like an
after thought.  Eat the delicious food.
Walk in the sunshine.  Jump in the ocean.
Say the truth that you’re carrying in your
heart like hidden treasure.  Be silly.
Be kind. Be weird.
There’s no time for anything else.

We are ready aren’t we? Ready to dive into this amazing life we’ve been given. Ready to reclaim the parts that we have sacrificed, or compromised, or dismissed up to now, knowing they are the wild and wise bits that make us feel alive … really alive.

I know for me, a wild and wise part of me that I have sacrificed for a really long time is friendship. I have had friends, don’t get me wrong. Good friends. Soul deep sister friends but … I have kept that circle so tight, so small and I missed having more.

I wanted to laugh more, share more, confide more …. I wanted more people around me who knew me, who understood me, who accepted me, and who I could do the same for.

I wanted to be able to trust more, and lean more, and be leaned on more … I wanted to feel more, experience more, be …. more.

It’s part of how and why Wild and Wise Women came to be, and it is definitely why I am holding the event tonight.

To introduce you to some of my friends. To share them with you, and you with them.

To give you space that is safe, with people you can trust, to talk about (or just listen if you like) things that are important to you, and to all of us.

You see, none of us are getting out of here alive W3, so … I say, while we’re here living … let’s share this crazy ride and be here for one another.

You Are Loved,

Christa  xo

PS. Have you registered for tonight’s W3 live online discussion yet? Last chance … please go there now the link is below.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017
5 pm PT / 8 pm ET



PPS. Got a topic you want us to discuss? A question to ask?  Something to share?  E-mail me at [email protected] before and during the event.

This is a closed event, meaning we are not streaming it “live” due to the topics that may come up (as I said it is not scripted, or planned out … it’s a girl’s night – just like the ones we have in our living rooms).   So to take part, you need to register. 🙂

phot by Issara Willenskomer via unsplash