About Me
Christa Thompson

Founder of Wild and Wise Women

I feel like you already know me. Is that weird?

I feel like just the very fact that we have found ourselves here together has bound us in a sisterhood that is so familiar, so love-filled, so close and personal that we must have walked this way together before.

I have felt you with me through every single solitary step of building this dream – meaning I have never been alone – even when I felt lonely.

But I’ve Faced Fears, Fought Dragons, and Tamed Monsters of Massive Proportions to Get Here.

In my 40s, I found myself smack dab in the middle of a pivotal shift.

While leading a large company and simultaneously raising my son (and greatest pride and joy) as a single mom, I realized I had lost touch with the wild and wise woman inside.

Constantly trying to be superwoman and fit the mold society had made for me, left me feeling like a candle being burned at both ends.

As women, we are told daily to be better, be stronger, do MORE — it’s exhausting.

I say before we can do more or become more, we need to just BE.

But like you’ve probably already asked yourself, I wondered where I could find the solace or support to just breathe and be me…

Where Could I Really Get to Know ME …
and Let My Wild and Wise Side Come Out of Hiding?

In 2010, I set out on a journey to find that gathering place, a safe space where I could share and interact with other women who would allow my experience, who would understand and provide me grace as I made great changes in my life, and who would welcome me in and walk this journey with me.

When I could not find this magical place my heart ached for, I did the only thing that made sense: I created it.

Now, There Are Nearly 300,000 of You Here, Boldly Choosing to Walk the Wild and Wise Journey with Me, Sharing Your Own Stories of Courage and Inspiration…

“Your message has allowed me to see the situation in a different light one that offers hope for healing and growth. Blessings, peace and love to you and your family.”
~ Devin E.

“Why not stand by your word? It seems a sell out to me. That being said, I love that you stand by yours. I have never joined any of the groups before because I never felt that “connection” before. I love W3. Everyone is supportive and fun. I want to thank you in particular. I would not have had the courage to step out of my comfort zone without you. I post and comment, and I am trying to start a small business on the side. It’s a start and I have you and my “tribe” behind and next to me, supporting me. Thank you.”
~ Teri B.

“Hi Christa! This really made a difference in my day today – thank you! It inspired me to go the extra step and meditate for 5 minutes before work and 15 minutes on the lunch hour – all making me feel less scattered and more grounded… Your work is so important and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you. XXOO”
~ Amy P.

What Is a Wild and Wise Woman?

Women are the ultimate study in contradictions – which we balance daily with brilliance and grace.

Mothers and sisters, daughters and lovers, more roles than we can count – and friendships that have been forged through fire, sealed with trust, and will last through eternity with the kind of love only a woman can give.

We are women who care – deeply.

And women who take care of our children, of our elders, of our communities, our charities and causes, and the earth.

Women who have gained wisdom through our experiences … our successes and our mistakes – and understand that our journey is much more valuable than any destination we reach.

Women who have a wild side, but have a deep need to feel safe to show it. We are bold and courageous, untamed and true, beautiful and magical, brilliant and divine.

We Are All Wild and Wise.

And this is our collective gathering space — our tribal meeting hall of sorts. It’s a place for us to laugh, dream, cry, celebrate, and grow together.

This is a safe space to truly know ourselves, to surround ourselves with tribe members all walking the same journey, learning to live a bold and untamed legacy that will impact our children, our family, our community, and our corporations forever.

This Is Your Chance to Be a Part of Something Bigger…

… a global village committed to empowering women around the world through fair trade, entrepreneurship, education, and more.

With every $1 you spend with Wild and Wise, a portion goes toward helping women in other countries gain independence, self-sufficiency, and unshakeable confidence in who they truly are.

12% of net profits will be contributed to Kiva initiatives. Loans to women who are looking to impact their families and communities. An impact that you will be able to follow the progress of along with us.

Additionally, our Wild and Wise Subscription Box has a Project Building component where $7.50 of of the sale of each and every box are designated to bring health care, education, and new opportunities to communities in need. And our partner in this collaboration will match our funds for an incredible $15 total – how truly exciting, inspiring and life-changing is that for all of us who take part!

And that’s just what we contribute around the world! The rest, well we are committed to investing right back into all of you. For your growth, your confidence, your courage and your freedom to create and live the life YOU design.

And so I ask… will you grow with us?

Will you walk with us?

Will you become a part of the collective heartbeat, the sisterhood, and the Wild and Wise Butterfly Effect as we raise each other up to become better, happier, and stronger together by first simply learning to BE?

If you are ready to invest in and celebrate yourself, as well as the lives of those you love, impact, and employ, then I encourage you to join our free Facebook community. Take the time to show up and share.

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Lastly, like me, you belong here. So let me be the first to say,

Welcome Home.

Much Love from Your Wild and Wise Sister,

Christa xo