goodbye with regret

I Will Say Goodbye with Regret. [Please Read]

Beautiful W3, this is an incredibly important email, so please take a moment to read it all the way. It’s short.

It’s been a long time since you’ve opened one of my emails.

Or at least that’s what our email platform tells us, and I’ll be honest we know we can’t trust that 100%.

But … if it is accurate for you personally I have to address it and resolve and solve the best ways I know how. 🙂

You have heard me say over and over that I have no wish to muddy up your inbox. If you are not interested in receiving my emails, that’s ok.

I mean, I’m sad about that …because I love connecting with all of you – but I also completely get it and know you will find the people that you really do vibe with.

You see, I don’t want you to just “get” my emails. I am not interested in you being a number on a list. NO.

I want you to read my emails. Heck, I want you to LOVE my emails but I realize that might be asking a bit much every time, so I can adjust my expectations. 🙂

I want to connect with the wild and wise women who trust me with space in their inbox and I am committed to being ‘at your service’ to provide my very best every day no matter what Wild and Wise task I am up to.

We have lots of great stuff coming up – that’s true. And I want you with us. Also SO true.

So, my beloved W3, if you want to stay connected, if you want to be included, if you vibe with the W3 tribe I need you to:

  • Open an email I send you.
  • Read an email I send you.
  • Click a link in an email I send you.
  • Send some love about an email I send you ….

(ok, ok, that last one isn’t actually necessary – expectations being adjusted as we speak I promise …) 😉

I want nothing more than to have you stay as a member of the Wild and Wise Community. But if that’s not what you want beautiful W3, and the only way I can guess is if months go by without you opening an email … then I will say goodbye with regret – but with great love.

So I’m keeping an eye on you. 😉

You Are Loved,

Christa xo

PS. As our records show you haven’t opened an email for awhile now, I will remind you about our Wild and Wise Summer Book Club AND please check your inbox to confirm your email when you join!

photo  by Sasha Freemind via unsplash