I feel like you already know me. Like the very fact that we have found ourselves here together has bound us in a sisterhood so familiar, so love-filled, so close and personal that we must have walked this way together before. I have felt you with me through every single step of building this dream.

I am a pretty serious girl, yet love to laugh. I have always longed for sacred sisterhood filled with love and loyalty, giggles and dancing, trust and fun. I am definitely considered to be more on the “wise” side of the wild and wise balance sheet; however, don’t be so sure! In this moment alone my hair is blue, I am dreaming of my fourth tattoo, and can’t wait for the sun to shine again so I can climb on the back of my love’s motorcycle.

Christa, Wild and Wise WomenDoes that make me wild? Not necessarily. Only that I, like you, am delightfully layered and full of surprises, mysteries, contradictions and unpredictable nuances.

I believe in love – deeply – and value kindness above most other things. I am direct and honest, caring and opinionated. I am living a daily love affair with the man who shares my heart and know that my greatest teacher – and pride and joy – are all wrapped up into one great package I know as my son.

I am a singer and community builder, a teacher and a student, a successful coach and freelancer / consultant, a mom/daughter/sister/friend. I am private and crave silence and solitude like breath. I own hundreds of books – for me, reading has always been a ritual, a meditation, a prayer. I have done my work – and I know it is not done. And when I was finally able to articulate my purpose – my reason for being – my signature calling … my soul sighed. It is …

“To inspire a collective heartbeat.”

Me, as a wild and wise girl.

This explains so much about my journey so far! I am blessed by strong, powerful, love-filled, loyal friendships with amazing women from all walks of life, and there is so much more to share W3 – about me, about you, about who we are, how we got here, and where we’re going. I can’t wait.