Wear All Your Favorite Jewelry

Wear All Your Favorite Jewelry

I’ve talked about this before, how I have a fairly minimalist personal style.  I don’t wear earrings – ever.  I rarely wear a necklace.

Most you’re really going to see is a stack of bracelets on my arm – some sparkly – some those elastic kinds … yes my style insists I also have a tiny subtle edge, that only those who really look will see.  But I don’t do it to be seen … I do it To Be Me.

It’s why I have a tattoo, why I change my hair color – and hair style … often. Again – not because I have a conscious ache inside me to be “seen” … I am a serious introvert (hermit-like almost sometimes) so that really isn’t it …

I do have a deep soul ache however, To Be Me.

To express myself that way – inside AND outside.  It’s a quiet expression that I am very comfortable with.  Which is why today … I want to turn up the volume just a little bit, and get UNcomfortable – knowing I can do that here – safely.

Today I want to have a W3 pageant. Yes, lol – you heard me correctly.  I want to be seen – I want YOU to be seen – in all of our wild and wise glory!

“Why?” you ask.  Because today is special.  Today is a day to shine the light on how truly glorious you and I are.

It’s a second step to “Our Kind of Beautiful” .. the W3 kind of beautiful.  It is a spectrum of every possible shade of the rainbow and when all those colors and reflections come together, well – we’ve all seen what a miracle by the Universe that is!

So today W3 – share with us “Your Kind of Beautiful“.  Share YOU.  Share a post, a comment, a photo that reflects what it is for you … “To Be Me”.  (was that confusing?) Let me see if I can simplify.

Wear all of your favorite jewelry at once, step out in your most rockin’ shoes, wear your favorite pants and your favorite shirt – even if they don’t match, show us your most sparkly dress or your beat-up running shoes that took you over the finish line, wear the t-shirt with the holes in it and revel in the feeling of safety and comfort it provides.  It’s a celebration … that’s all – a celebration of YOU.  And I want you share it.

Because part of all of this is being brave enough to truly share our Selves. Inside and outside.  Accepting our Selves and others – no … more than that!  Celebrating our Selves and Others … the wild and wise way.

It’s a SheRo kind of day – so don your cape W3, and show up in the W3 group to share your SELF with us (and selfie too!) 😉

Remember this:

I am beautiful – exactly as I am.  And I love the rockstar, gorgeous, amazing wild and wise woman I’ve become.

Today is your special day W3.  It’s SUNday – and that alone tells us it is meant to be bright.

I would love to see a photo, a post or a comment about “Your Kind of Beautiful” or “To Be Me”.  I promise – you are safe here

And always remember …

You Are Loved,

Christa xo