Return Louder Than Ever. WE ARE ONE.

Good morning beautiful W3,

It has been a very quiet morning in my home after the news about Las Vegas. And I have been sitting with my coffee looking at all the different angles of what I wanted to write today.

It can be tricky … and the truth is I don’t feel called to comment on every incident that happens in our world. If I did, this would be a very different kind of community and a very different kind of message each day. That’s a message that someone else is already writing I’m sure …

But today I feel called. I think it is the stacking effect of all these incidents back to back, one on top of each other in what feels like an endless parade. I feel a little punch-drunk honestly … and the message that just keeps coming through LOUD and clear over and over is for me to share is …

Don’t go to sleep! Not NOW!  

Don’t become MORE numb! Not NOW!

And it’s hard, isn’t it? Don’t we just want to climb under the covers where it is quiet and warm, and safe … even just for a few moments? We want to hold close everything that is dear to us and try to keep everyone and everything safe from harm. I know.

This is the post I wrote today – it came from my heart, and my gut. I don’t have all the answers W3, but I know this much. I know that together we can come together and in small and large ways … WE have the power to make a difference.

It doesn’t feel like that right now. I know. So I’m taking a breath and letting my heartbeat alongside yours while we figure it out. Here’s that post.

I know. I know it hurts. I know there’s a rock sitting in your gut and you feel sick inside. What can we do?

I know it is tempting to give up hope. I know we feel helpless and scared and it all just feels too big … too much … too sad … too everything.

It’s like a horror movie come to life … again and again and again.

I know. I know it hurts.

What can we do?

We’ve said the words so many times, they sometimes feel like they’ve lost their meaning …
“You’re in our prayers”. “Our hearts are broken.” “Sending love and light.”  You might wonder, “where has that got us?”

Words have power – don’t forget. They have energy all their own, and they only lose their meaning if we let them. Now is NOT the time to become more numb.

Now is NOT the time to fall into a deeper sleep.

Rest. Breathe. Heal. Grieve. Cry. Shout. Get Quiet. Retreat. Renew.

Whatever YOU need.

And then … return louder than ever for a different life, a different experience.

We ARE One.

Return louder than ever for a higher standard, for love to win the day, for acceptance and consequence, for love and light.

Return louder than ever for common sense over passionate righteousness, for acceptance over judgment, for the common good over individual gain.

We are ONE. What we allow for others we allow for ourselves.

Be willing to disagree with another for what’s right. Be willing to use your thoughts, words, and actions for good – honoring their power.

Be willing to make another uncomfortable, to be true to yourself. Be willing to consider that how it’s always been done no longer applies. We HAVE love. There’s no shortage. Keep pumping it out like sunshine.

Keep praying to the One you pray to … Realizing that love is at the base of all devotion. That love is ALL-encompassing and not based on differentiating factors.

I know. I know it hurts. I know it’s scary and devastating and sad.

It’s ok. Be hurt. Be scared. Be devastated. Be sad. For a moment.

I know it hurts … what can we do?

Rise up in quiet and loud ways, in powerful and strong ways, together as ONE and say No MORE.

Return Louder Than Ever. We Are ONE.

When you have rested, when you have grieved, when you have cried and shouted and healed even just a little bit, then …. then my beautiful W3.  Do one more thing.

What thing? What should you do? That’s entirely up to you. Just do one thing to take back YOUR power at a time you might feel powerless. Do one thing that will restore hope when you may feel hopeless.  Do one thing to help, when you may feel helpless. Do one thing that will contribute to the life you want to live, the experience you want to have, the world you want to share.

Just one thing.  We are one.

You Are Loved,

PS. I will be in the Facebook group today just checking in and being available. I will even go LIVE if you feel it would serve to further the conversation. Just post LIVE in the group and we’ll set a time and talk together W3. xoxoxo

PPS. Stuck on what “one thing” you could maybe do? If you haven’t downloaded the “10 Ways to Inspire Change” guidebook and journal yet, this may be a perfect time, and it may spark different ideas too on your one thing.

Photo by Nicola Fioravanti on Unsplash