Wild and Wise Women

I Have Behaved Badly …

I have sent this out before, and I went looking for it to send again because I needed to hear it.  You see I’ve been behaving badly.

I have been hurtful and am hurt-full (and both are painful).

I’ve been feeling alone as I try to find my way back from a darker space than I normally spend time in and I remembered …. this.  

This battle-cry, this surrender, this lullaby, this love letter. I remembered it and needed to hear it again.  So I thought maybe you might too. 

Wild and Wise Women

are not perfect.

We have made “mistakes.”  

We have taken risks that, from the

outside, appear to have not paid off.

We have chosen the road less


and at times seemed to be lost.  

We have veered left when the whole

world went right, and would rather

walk alone than follow

…  just to follow.  

We have misbehaved.

We have dared.  

We have made others uncomfortable

and  we have stood our ground.  

We have been “wrong”.  

We have been “right”.  

We have changed our minds and

we have started over.  

More than once.

We have gone back to the

drawing board.  

We have loved.  

We have worn our hearts on our

sleeves and we have had

our heart broken.  

We have misunderstood and been


We have been mad and

we have fought back.  

We have “thrown the first punch”.  

Wild and Wise Women have felt

“all the feelings of the rainbow and

refuse to apologize for it.  

We have said “I’m sorry” with our

whole hearts and we have forgiven.  

We have even forgotten – because it

allows us to move on.  

There are Wild and Wise Women

that I greatly admire that have been

judged harshly for their perceived


Wild and Wise Women who get back

up and hold their heads high, even

when their hearts are broken by the

judgments of their sisters ~

the Wild and Wise Women

around them. 

THIS is a call to the sisterhood.  

An anthem that I hope you hear again

and again that reminds you that


we are strong.

A tribute that honors the


the imperfections,

the heartbreak and

battle scars for without them –  

we could not possibly become

Wild and Wise.  

This is a plea to encircle our sisters,

in their best and worst moments ~

urging them to allow the labels of the

moments to fade into the wind

while together we celebrate the

moment for the blessing,

the teaching,

the learning, the experience

that it is.

THIS is a battle cry.

A surrender.

A lullaby.

A chant.  

Wild and Wise Women EVERYWHERE

You are loved.
You are loved.

Say it with me now W3 ~ You Are Loved. xo

With all my love,

Christa xo