Celebrate Differences. You are Glorious

You Are Glorious. Celebrate That!

Good morning beautiful W3,

I want to start this morning simply by saying … “We Are Different!”  

And that is glorious!

Yes, we have many similarities and share common experience in a multitude of ways but don’t let anyone tell you that we all need the same things, that we are all on the same journey, that we are all aching for the same reasons, and that there is ONE answer, ONE solution, ONE anything!

You Are Glorious. You are brilliant and brave, beautiful and blessed – as am I. And … we also are different.

This is a fundamental piece of the Wild and Wise Movement. Sharing, mentoring, teaching, learning, supporting, celebrating … in our similarities and our differences. And in that way, I suppose yes, we are all one. When we share that mindset.

What started this “rant” this morning?  Well, I … like you … receive a certain amount of email and of course am on Facebook and I just got exasperated by what I was seeing, reading, exposed to.

And at the same time it got me really really excited!  Because we really are creating a new experience. That’s what Wild and Wise Live is about … real women in different phases of their lives talking about real things … honestly.

Ages ranging from twenties to sixties, single and married, children and not, artists and ceo’s, earning well into 6 figures and just starting something new, varied spiritual beliefs, and … (because this seems to be something that is spoken about alot) different body types and oh … different hair color.

I’m such a brat I know. I say different hair color because to me … that is about as relevant as different body types, except … society has decided differently and so … we muddle our way through that. And I want to talk about it too!

I’m proud that Wild and Wise Women is charting new territory. I don’t have all the answers W3, there is no doubt about that. But what I am dedicated to doing, is providing you with access to people who do.

Women who are experts in their fields, who have a life-changing story, who are living outside of the box, who have found their purpose, who have found “secrets” to love-filled relationships, health and well-being, self-care and success. Wild and Wise Live is just the first step I promise you. 😉

So today, I want you to shine in all your glory – all your brilliance – all your bravery. And … I want you to be proud of what makes you different.

And beautiful glorious W3 … there is only one door to walk through – I promise you. xo

You Are SO Loved,

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash