What Is Your “No More”

Good morning beautiful W3,

Today is a unique day for me … because I’ve actually made plans for this evening lol.  Yes. This is not something I do alot, being a serious introvert; however, I have been working this summer on my “More” and “No More” lists.

In my More category … “spending time with friends”.

In my No More category … “not prioritizing my health and self-care”

Make no mistake, both of these require “more” of me. Both require me to make new choices and to sometimes be uncomfortable in those choices. BUT, they BOTH contribute to what my best life looks like to me.  So, I carry on. 

W3, I know it can be very difficult to put into words what we believe our “best life” or the “life of our design” looks like, feels like, sounds like, etc. 

I know it can feel paralyzing to try and describe a joyful life – beyond … “there has to be more than … this.”

Here’s the challenge we face.  If we can’t acknowledge WHAT we want to change, if we can’t describe the outcome we are working toward, then we find ourselves wandering aimlessly and going in circles – disappointed that nothing seems to ever change. (I know I’ve been there …)

Ideally, and in Wild and Wise Work … you get to a point where you describe your life love affair in meticulous detail. We look at the “now” and the dream you have and systematically and practically unravel the layers and take the steps to make it all happen for you.

It’s a glorious process and … it takes time and commitment. 🙂

Today, I want you to walk away from this love message from me with something you can do in just a few moments to take you closer to a life you love. Kind of like hitting the easy button for today. 🙂

Take out your journal, or a pad or piece of clean paper and at the top write on the left side No More and on the right side … More.

Now, write 1-3 things under each heading that you want to increase, or decrease in your life experience. For example:

No More: eating dinner in front of the television, gossiping, hiding in plain sight, yelling at my kids, taking my phone to bed, etc…

More: reading rather than tv, carving out quiet time, exercise, water, laughter, time with family, time with friends, consciousness over my thoughts and words, loving actions toward my spouse …

Well, you get the idea. 

Just write down 1-3 items on each side W3, don’t make it overwhelming for your Self.

And just begin.

Some of them will take more time to create a habit …. some of them will be just a decision that once made will create a sigh of relief, and some will take coming back to from different angles to figure out how to make it work for you and your life.

This is ALL ok! You are making new choices! You are creating new behaviors and new standards for your life and you are getting more and more clear about what you want IN and what you want OUT of your life.

How freakin’ exciting is that?  Just take this small step and see where it takes you. It is a foundation we can build on that will continue to take you closer to the life you love. 

You Are Loved W3,

PS. Something else that I decided I wanted More of? I wanted more beautiful, simple, elegant, inspirational things around me. It is 100% why we created the Wild and Wise Printables … have you seen them? Go here and you’ll even see how I have displayed them at the Wild and Wise Retreat house, and in my home. I love them.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash