Avoidance- What Are You Avoiding?

Good morning beautiful W3,

There is no hiding when a force such as a wildfire is on the perimeter of your life. And while we might not all be facing “actual” wildfires … many of us are dealing with other situations whether emotional, financial, spiritual, physical …. situations that we know for our own selves only get hotter and hotter if we try to ignore them rather than face them head on.

Something that I say all the time is … “The Monster in the closet is the scariest Monster of all.”

What I mean by this is that when we keep a “monster” (ie. a wildfire situation in our life) hidden so we don’t have to look at it, our imagination conjures up the scariest version of the monster in our life as possible!

What could be Grover or the Cookie Monster type of monster has grow to King Kong proportions in our minds just because we cover our eyes and refuse to …. look.

So this weekend we are going to open that closet door together W3 and face the monster within. I want you to think of the monster that is in your closet … is it a hurt heart that you are refusing to allow your Self to feel?

Is it your finances? Is it a physical concern that you are ignoring out of fear of what it “could” be?

Is it a relationship that is strained?  Debt, boundaries, betrayal? Is it your job, or a lie you are living?

All I am going to ask you to do is …. take my hand … open the door … look inside …

and tell the truth to your Self about what you see.

What is the TRUTH about your Monster in the closet. No stories, no emotional cries of how it happened or who was involved.  Purely this …

Open the door … look inside … and tell the truth to your Self about the Monster you have been hiding.

Accountability is the first step to transformation. This is not about shame, blame, guilt, responsibility or anything like that. Nope, not this first step.

This first step is just opening your eyes and telling the truth – the real truth – about the Monster that has you awake through the night, your gut aching, your heart racing.

Because I think when you look at it … truly look at it … you will find that the “monster” is manageable and looking for a cuddle.  It’s not as big and scary as you have imagined.  And it can be tamed with a series of small steps.

Want to really go crazy W3? Once you have looked and seen the truth … visualize the outcome you want to have and then … commit to one small step that would bring you closer to that dream.

That’s all it takes you know …  One small step … and then another.  We can keep it manageable, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming, there’s time to put the small steps in place.

So open the closet and get ready to hug your Monster!  It’s an incredible feeling to shift from fear to love I promise!!

You Are Loved,

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Photo by Emma Simpson on Unsplash