We ARE the Butterfly effect!

Good Morning Beautiful W3,

Have you ever heard of the Butterfly Effect? It is a sister of the ripple effect, and the domino effect …. I do like sisterhoods. I have mentioned this a few times in my emails, on the Wild and Wise Women website, and in posts on social media; and I truly believe that this is a very powerful force that we can utilize to start and sustain a chain reaction of positivity, kindness, love, and compassion.

For those of you who are hearing this term for the first time, allow me to give you a quick introduction: The butterfly effect is a metaphor created by Edward Norton Lorenz in which he states that “inherent unpredictable results come from small changes”.

It has been said that the flutter of a butterfly’s wings can impact the weather patterns of a location thousands of miles away. Whether this is truth or myth, the idea of the butterfly effect is something I would like our community to embrace and take on as a way of living.

I want us, W3, to start the butterfly effect in our community and the communities we are all connected to. We believe that the small actions we take in our lives, the collaborative effect we have in our community, and the combined energy of our sisterhood can greatly impact the world in positive and loving ways.

Remember, you are powerful, you are blessed.

Together, we are a powerful force that can change the world in small and significant ways. Never underestimate the flutter of a butterfly’s wings … never underestimate a Wild and Wise Woman.

This is why we are extremely excited to share our Gift Box with you.

Joining the sisterhood and receiving the Sisterhood Gift Box, will not only benefit you or the person you intend to gift it to. Each gift box that is reserved will also benefit the skilled artisans who are paid to contribute to it, their families who they can now afford to support, and the communities they each belong to.

Imagine our small gestures of kindness, of positivity, of empowerment creating a rippling effect that result to something bigger than us!

Isn’t it exciting to imagine?!

In an even grander scale, we will be extending the butterfly effect further by donating a substantial portion of revenue ($15 from each box reserved by members of the Sisterhood will be contributed) from the Gift Box to the communities of the Artisans in Wild and Wise Setu Projects – improving health care, education, work and daily living conditions.

What do you say? Are you ready to flutter your wings and create a butterfly effect in the world? Join me and the whole Wild and Wise Sisterhood in supporting our Gift Box!

You are loved,

Photo by Joanne Gerber on Unsplash