Will You Take the Pledge?

Good morning beautiful W3,

I always love time spent with Dave’s parents, and last night I was able to show them what I have been so busy with these past months.  They absolutely LOVED the Wild and Wise Sisterhood Gift Box!

As you know, one of the components of the Sisterhood is about inspiring change …. in our worlds and in THE world. And that is clearly something that resonates with many of you as when we published the “Sisterhood Rules” (I do so love the double interpretation of those two words … we DO rule!)

We heard from so many of you asking how for tips to incorporate those values into your life that we knew we had to create something a bit more “meaty” to work from.

So we did! And we also incorporated a “pledge system” so that we could support each other and work together, committing to change for the long-term where it is needed in our individual worlds.

If you haven’t accessed the “10 Ways to Inspire Change” guidebook and journal yet, I hope you will. I’d love to take the pledge with you, and work through the 10 ways side by side!

The first exercise is around the “rule”:  ONLY Raise Each Other Up.

Our words have power and contain energy.

Often the words, thoughts, and behaviors we choose have negative and low vibrational energies attached to them.

When you instead choose to speak, think, feel and act with high vibrational energies toward your SELF and others, you are putting significant vibrational change into effect.

But it starts with YOU

First, we must “clean up at home” so to speak. We must decide to speak to our Selves with kindness, love, compassion, gratitude, and appreciation.

So the first exercise is:

List 3 things about your self that you or others love about you.

All done?

Now put each one on a post-it to place around your home, or put on a list you carry in your bag. Take that high vibrational energy with you wherever you go!There’s a second part of the exercise involving others, but I’ll let you head over to the guidebook to check it out and work on it. 🙂

And the last part of the exercise is to Take The Pledge: 

I, ____________________________, commit to inspiring change in our world by being more kind, grateful, and loving to my Self and other women. 

Copy this pledge and post it in the Wild and Wise Facebook Discussion group with #ITookthePledge so that we can celebrate with you!

Send along a photo of yourself too, or a short video and upload it to your social media of choice … as long as it has #ItookthePledge we can find it! Let’s have some fun while we do the work to inspire change in ourselves and the world around us! Couldn’t we all use a little bit more fun?

Let’s do this thing! 

You Are Loved,

PS.  The other part that I loved about our dinner last night, was that Dave’s parents provided some extra insight that I really hadn’t given a lot of focus too … being that I am pretty caught up in the Wild and Wise ‘Women’ part of my world.

That insight? That the Sisterhood gift box is a PERFECT gift for men to give to the women they love in their lives too. Wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters, sisters, etc.

What was so awesome was how excited they were about it being a unique gift, a meaningful gift, and as Dave’s dad put it … “It’s a feel-good gift box. You can feel good about giving it, and feel good about receiving it.”

That W3, was just pretty darned great to hear!  So on that note … if you have men in your world that should know about the Sisterhood “feel good” gift box I hope you’ll pass it along.

Photo by Azrul Aziz on Unsplash