When Did We Stop Celebrating?

Good morning beautiful W3,

When did we stop celebrating? When did we begin downplaying the important moments of our lives ~ dismissing them, ignoring them, forgetting them?

W3, your birth day is important! It’s a TOTALLY big deal! My gosh all of the Universal powers, and energy that needed to collide to make your arrival on earth happen … let alone the impact you’ve had every single day since you got here …

I promise you, you don’t even know.

I am so darned grateful for you!  For the creation of you!

And I want YOU to start CELEBRATING.

I could start spewing evidence and statistics here about the brain science behind celebration and gratitude … but honestly, you don’t really need it do you?

You KNOW, in your heart and in your soul, that celebrating just plain feels good.

The issue is more that we are so numbed out, so isolated emotionally, and so socially conditioned to be quiet and invisible, so TERRIFIED to be vulnerable and so scared of rejection that we “fade into the beige” as I like to call it.

Some of us can’t even identify those “feel good” feelings anymore, and some of couldn’t come up with a reason to celebrate if we really really had to (like standing on the edge of a cliff had to …)

Well … I say that’s enough of that! 

I want you my beautiful W3 to say a celebratory toast to your SELF today.

Pour a beverage into a champagne glass or your best mug and put yourself into a celebration moment.

Breathe deeply, smile … close your eyes if that helps … smile some more … and repeat after me:

“Congratulations ______________ (fill in your own name here, it’s better that way) 😉

You did it!  You … 

  • got up and went for a walk this morning 
  • got out of bed today 
  • finished the project 
  • took the high road 
  • got the promotion 
  • got the job 
  • did it on your own 
  • asked for help 
  • apologized
  • reached out
  • forgave
  • did that thing you’ve been putting off
  • sent love to someone struggling
  • were kind to another
  • were kind to yourself

This doesn’t have to be something that happened today or yesterday … I bet there are things that have taken place in your life, actions you’ve taken, outcomes you’ve hoped for, times you’ve risen above … that you NEVER acknowledged. 

Now’s the time W3 … 

Because here’s also a little secret … by acknowledging these events, celebrating them, FEELING the excitement, pleasure, gratitude of them … it’s a secret message you are sending.

It’s a secret message you are sending to the Universe, and believe me … she is listening.

And the message you are sending is … “See Universe, all this feel good stuff? See all the beautiful energy it creates? Send me more of THAT? Send me MORE reasons to feel this way. And I’ll do my part … I’ll CELEBRATE!!” 

Seems like a pretty fair agreement doesn’t it? 

You Are SO Loved W3 … some days I can barely stand it.

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Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash