Let’s Prove I’m Not Crazy …

Good morning beautiful W3,

Ok, it’s true. I’ve been told that I’m crazy. I’ve been told that it can’t be done. I’ve been told that no one cares and that I must follow the rules that have been set out before me.

Um. No. No thank you.

What am I talking about? Well, I’m talking about Wild and Wise of course! That I am “crazy to give so much of my time, energy, ideas, training, coaching, and “stuff” without being ‘paid’ for it.”


There are SO many things wrong with that thought process to me, and coming on the heels of our awesome pajama party last night and what I’m seeing in the group this morning I am just so heart-filled thrilled I can barely contain it.

“You have to ‘train’ your community to purchase or they never will support you when you do have something that does cost money.”

Um … ok double YUCK x a million.  There is no way in hades that this community of awesome, bold, rockstar, wild AND wise women need to be ‘trained’ to do any damn thing. (Can you tell that one got under my skin?)

“You’ll see ….” I’ve been told.  Haha … YOU’LL SEE … I replied back with a great big smile.

You talk too much about the vision and mission of the Sisterhood … no one cares … you need to tell them how much money they are going to save by subscribing.”

I think probably you heard my gasp at the audacity and arrogance of this statement. We DO care. I know we do. Deeply as a matter of fact.

And yes, the value is important too. But value is expected by Wild and Wise Women for goodness sake. Value is purely the entry fee to play and do something great. Value isn’t an option!  Not here anyway.

So of COURSE Sisterhood (and everything we do) provides crazy value.

And if it doesn’t, honestly, all that means is that someone is in the wrong place. That we aren’t a fit. That’s ok. That happens. We want you to find the place where you ARE a fit and love it there as much as our tribe loves it here!

“This is the tried and true way of doing this. You will regret not following the rules. You won’t succeed.”

Um. Baloney. We thrive on breaking the rules. It’s about time we do! KNOW we can do things differently … that’s even what the 10 Ways to Inspire Change guidebook is all about and already I’m seeing #ITookthePledge images, hashtags, and posts in the FB Group!!

So help me out here W3. Let’s prove I’m not crazy. Let’s flood the internet with #ITookthePledge and let’s surpass our goal of having 100 Wild and Wise Sisterhood Gift Boxes reserved over the next week!

Share it with your friends and loved ones, get them involved in the pledge, have them join this wild and wise movement too … we love your friends!

I’m NOT crazy (mostly). It CAN be done. We DO care. And we can absolutely break every darned rule that has been created to control how we do things and still break barriers, surpass goals, and do amazing good in the world.  TOGETHER.

Yup. I just believe that to be true. Don’t you? 

Ok, that was kind of a bit of a rant. I don’t do that often. Thank goodness for you W3. I KNOW we can do this, and perhaps lead others who want to do things differently too. We got this.

You Are Loved,

PS. If you haven’t received the 10 Ways to Inspire Change guidebook and journal yet, download so that you can join us in taking the pledge!

Post your pic, or an image using the hashtag #ITookthePledge along with the pledge you are committing to.

PPS. If you want to check out last night’s pajama party (we will have more) it’s on the video page of the Wild and Wise Women Facebook page. We talked alot about the Sisterhood, the pledge, and the change that we, as Wild and Wise Women, are pledging to make in the world with the Wild and Wise Sisterhood Gift Box.

Make SURE you use the promo code: IAmLoved when you reserve your box to receive $10 off your order!!

Any questions, or information you need reach out to us at: [email protected] W3, our whole team is here to take care of anything you need. xoxo