Top 20 Motivational Songs

Good Morning beautiful W3,

I have to tell you that we are doing happy celebration dances here as the rain has been falling for the past day. It’s on and off but gives us time to dry off before we go out and start dancing in the puddles again 😉 We are thankful and hope that the rain brings some relief to the wildfires in the area.

We also have a houseful of kids this morning which I LOVE. And gosh I’ve missed it! My son is 22 and living in another town now and so it’s been a long time since his friends were crowding up my kitchen. It is really great to see kids running around the house, laughing great belly laughs and making up new rules for their games on the spot.

And now, let’s get right to it. Saturday’s can be busy days for some of you and I hope that these shares make it an even better day and week!

Top 3 Wild and Wise Sharables!

1. Listen: Top 20 New Motivational Songs: Playlist

I have had this playlist on repeat since I came across it. I turn off the caption setting, and breathe through the ads inserts Youtube insists on 😉 because it’s worth it! I love meaningful music and I ADORE great singers. This list has both. Includes Fight Song, Good Life, Brave, Burn Bright (You Were Made to Shine) and more. Give it a listen when you need a pick me up or just when you want to know that you have an entire playlist stacked that will add positive energy to your day. And here’s a fun bonus – they say 20 … but there are actually 21 songs!

Access this Top 20 Motivational Song Playlist Here.

2. Words: Oriah Mountain Dreamer – 

If you have been around me and Wild and Wise Women for any amount of time you know how I feel about the writing of (and the person) Oriah Mountain Dreamer. Her book, The Invitation absolutely changed my life and I recommend it and gift it constantly! This book began as a poem and we have a very simple version that you can download and print out. Click the link below and on some browsers, you may need to “right-click”. 😉

Access a Printable Version of The Invitation Poem Here.

So there you have it W3. Your top sharables for this week. I hope they bring a smile throughout the week and that you are dancing in your pj’s to the playlist every chance you get!

You Are Loved,