OWN Your Love, Light And Joy!

Good morning beautiful W3,

Oh my gosh, it’s been quite a morning already!

If you saw the posts in our Facebook groups and on our page you have some idea, but I have to say …

it always shakes me up a little bit when I am involved in an interaction where I have reached out with respect, courtesy, and kindness in order to resolve a situation, and it is met with disrespect, rudeness, and unkindness.

What can I say? I’m sensitive like that.

Now, add to this exactly what we have been talking about these past weeks about sisterhood, and how we need to release our inner mean girls forever, to treat our Selves and each other with more love, and you may or may not be surprised to know it was not someone of the male persuasion who I had this interaction with.

It’s ok. I am fully aware that her response has absolutely nothing to do with me. But it still does not feel awesome when someone spills their yucky energy on you.

So … I’ve been sitting here at my desk sending this sister of ours great love, bright light, gentle healing, and just … joy.

I truly hope it reaches her.

Now on to our OWN love, light, healing, and JOY!  

I truly meant the message I wrote in Wild and Wise space today:

Dear beautiful Wild and Wise, thank you for keeping this space peaceful, safe, sacred and filled with inspiration, support, light, and love. Sometimes I am sharply reminded of what we have here when I am out “in the world interacting”. It is very special. Thank you for helping me to create it, sustain it, and protect it with your energy. I am SO grateful. ~ Christa xo

And I truly mean each and every word as it also pertains so strongly to the community we have here amongst all of you who receive my messages.

Thank you, W3. You continue to give me strength. 

You Are Loved,

PS. I want you to be able to see it, and feel the energy from it, and “touch” it (via the website anyway) which is so much more powerful and FUN than just hearing me go on and on … There’s lots to share, and lots of time to share it in I promise. xo

PPS. There is no PPS … just a spot that I feel so called today to say … Thank you and I love you.

Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash