Do You Keep Your Word?

Good morning beautiful W3,

I want to start my post today with just an expression of my love and gratitude for having you in my world.  Your patience with this Wild and Wise journey, the ups and downs, dips and delights, experiments and explorations is such a blessing … I just couldn’t do it without your support.  

You bless me.  Thank you. xoxo

I’ve been working with a number of coaching clients lately, and a hot-button topic has come up in many of our sessions.

By the way, have I mentioned how grateful I also am about THAT? I LOVE being the “Transformation Touchstone” for the incredible individuals who have placed their trust in me.

Together we are clarifying their true dreams for their lives, adding meaning to their success, relentlessly pursuing their truth, and creating the life of THEIR design that is purpose-driven, passion-fueled, and joy and love-filled.  

Wow. I am awe of anyone willing to take such a close and personal look at their current experience, to unwrap the layers, and to commit to the truth of their choices, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. Truly … inspiring.

I digress.  It is in these sessions that the hot-button has been showing itself.

It is one of the most provoking, reaction-guaranteeing, insulting things we can say …

You Are A Liar.

We have loved ones, friends, and family we immediately think of … that we have imagined saying this to – a “fantasy”, for we know the firestorm it would conjure up regardless of how true it may or may not be in our minds. 

It feels justified, righteous, powerful to be on “this” side of it … the side where you are pointing the finger … the “innocent” recipient or witness of the behaviour … the judge.

Just thinking about it, about this person, about the story, the “lie(s)” gets you hot under the collar – reacting with anger, with passion, with resentment.  Ooooh, “How could THEY?”

Now we pause.

Take a moment.  Analyze that emotion – unwrap it so you can understand it. What ARE you feeling?  

Some of the descriptions that have come up have been: betrayed, deceived, foolish, stupid, too trusting, embarrassed … 

Now there are a few more steps we take in this process, but I’m going to take a shortcut to ask a question that might help you in your self-discovery journey this weekend.

What Do YOU Lie About to Others?

and the Biggie …


Now beautiful W3 pay attention to the emotions that surface as you do this exercise. Be honest, there’s nobody looking at this but you … some of the emotions may be: protective, fear, anger, jealousy, resentment, defensive, it’s no one’s business, laziness …

They are all “right” answers (all answers are “right” answers if they come from a place of your truth).

Now, you know what the next steps are going to include …

What Do YOU Lie About to Your SELF?

This is an exercise you can do for your Self W3 … by your Self. It’s a start – an exploration, an excavation. And an excavation is necessary to get down beneath the surface layers to where the real work always needs to be done. 

This isn’t meant to create bad feelings.  It is an exercise meant to assist with getting clear about our own behaviours, actions, and habits … and the consequences and results they bring into our lives.

There are a series of questions here W3 – none of them easy. They require thought, and reflection, transparency, and vulnerability. It might seem overwhelming and you may be tempted to dismiss it all – I invite to just take it one step at a time. FOR YOU.

You Are SO Loved W3.

Keep doing your work.

Photo by Yuliya Ginzburg on Unsplash