I’ll Drive The Getaway Car

Good morning beautiful W3,

Today is an incredibly exciting day for me. My wonderful and thoughtful husband is whisking me away this morning for a beautiful road trip that includes cars, boats, and an ocean-front cabin as our final destination.

There we will stay for 3 days and then we are heading to a second “cabin” … this one on the water but actually ON the water. It’s a home that floats … in the harbor … steps to markets and good coffee, (you all know good coffee is important to me lol) and … peace.

Steps to peace W3.

won’t be completely “unplugged”, that’s impossible right now with Wild and Wise Sisterhood on the horizon to going live, and of course, I need to talk to all of you – that feeds my soul.

But in the same breath, I can say that I will be unplugged, and just the thought of it feels delicious.

I am sitting here on my deck and looking at the road … thinking about what we are on our way TO.

That’s a very different mind-set than “what we are leaving ‘from'”.  I don’t have anything I need to leave behind specifically – for me it’s about going toward a little reset, and cuddle time with my man.

Yet, I know that for some of you … in your lives … you do have situations, people, friendships, and experiences that are toxic and negative that are present and dragging you under.

I also know that as the powerful wild and wise women we are, I have heard it over and over again in our coaching sessions, we put such great pressure and expectations upon ourselves that we will do anything to avoid “running away“.

And that’s ok.

I get that and can totally work with it. To me, it is never about what we are running “from”.

That conjures up all kinds of negative implications such as fear, guilt, shame, failure. Which we deal with of course, but first let’s talk about something else.

Instead, my beautiful W3, let’s talk about what you are running to?

I could choose honestly to pick up all those negative descriptions and wear them for this week away.

I CAN’T go away because I have:

  • fear that my team won’t be able to handle what comes up and we’ll fall behind and we’ll miss the deadlines and we won’t be able to go live and …. (fear does like to go on and on doesn’t she?) 😉
  • guilt over not being at my desk every moment ENSURING everything is on track
  • shame for being ‘irresponsible’
  • failed if I do.  If anything goes off track I will have failed … again. (yea, that voice too can be a bit harsh, she likes to bring up past stuff just to really turn the knife).
This is a debilitating cyclone of thoughts that can leave me paralyzed. So I don’t invite them to the party.
Instead, I am only thinking about what I am running to. I am running to:

  • the ocean that soothes my soul with every breath
  • uninterrupted time with Dave who loves me, supports me and NEEDS me to be present for him too.
  • thinking, feeling, being time and space that I know sparks my creativity and problem-solving
  • rest to prepare for the excitement and brilliance that is coming – knowing my team needs me at my best (and they will maybe then stop telling me how tired I look).
  • peace. You all know how I feel about peace. Peace is my “passion-feeling”.
  • purpose.
We can talk about the path to purpose another time.
Is there something in your life that is holding you back W3?

Something you wish you could “leave behind” but are scared or weighed down by guilt?

I want you to think about what your life would be like if you left ALL of that behind, and reframed your thinking.

I want you to think about what delightful addition to your life is waiting for you that you could be running toward full throttle … and aren’t.

Is it a new experience? New caring and supportive people / friends in your life? Peace? Better health where you could then travel or hike with a new puppy by your side? Is it a job with a company whose values you align with? Downsizing? Decluttering? Reconnection? Rejuvenation?

I don’t know what your list is W3. But I guarantee you we all have one. This is not about making unconscious thoughtless decisions. Just the opposite. This is about GETTING conscious and BEING thoughtful about your LIFE.

What do you want to run to W3? I’ll drive the getaway car. 

You Are Loved,

Photo by Nick Scheerbart on Unsplash