For The Love Of Traveling

Good morning beautiful W3,

For those of you who might have known and I might have let the cat out of the bag to, I was thankful to have been whisked away by my adoring and wonderful {did I mention I think he is pretty handsome too?} husband, Dave, last week on a Mexican respite.

Time to reflect and heal, connect with people I love (my brother and sister-in-law who I adore) and space to just BE for a little tiny while.

And because of that, today I want to chat my top three {general} get-away must-haves and maybe quite possibly answer an age-old W3 question that has been asked of me several times over the years. 

And with that, my wonderful W3, here are my top three {Vacation} Shares!

1. Music
Music. Ah yes, Music. I never leave on a time away without a playlist at the ready. Wherever I might be going on holiday always has an accompanying playlist that is enjoyed on near constant repeat.

I LOVE torch ballads by powerful women with crazy vocals (Adele, Celine, Pink, Christina) and easy contemporary with acoustic sounds. I love classical piano, and some ACDC and songs I can sing to and dance to.

This is my favourite Spotify playlist today. – Contemporary Blend.  Check it out and tell me what you think. 🙂

2. Books
Well, I would be remiss if I did not say that the most recent copy of our Wild and Wise Book Club book was not tucked into my traveling bag. We have just finished reading WILD and it is, no pun intended, quite wild and inspiring and thought-provoking and hurt revealing and life-breathing all in one.

It made the final cut of books that traveled with me, even though we have finished in the club, because it is THAT good of a book and I know I have more to learn from it still.

I have also brought along Shifting Sands by Steve Donahue. This has been a go-to for me so many times.

When my friend passed away nearly 10 years ago now, when I went through my divorce when my son left home to start his grown-up life, when the foundation of my life cracked and shook … I go to this “Guidebook for Crossing Deserts of Change“. 

3. A Blanket
Uh… Christa… are you like three? Are you Linus from Charlie Brown? Are you trying to tell us you have security issues? What is the deal with traveling with a BLANKET of all things?

Ha! Yup!
I get it.
Trust me, I TOTALLY get it.

But here is the thing…
as much as I truly DO love and adore traveling…
trust me I DO!
{Ask my team, ask my dogs… ask Dave!}
I LOVE it…

It IS indeed out of my comfort zone.
It is not HOME to me.
Traveling can create stress for me.

So, because I know my own self and how I respond to things, I take time to prepare. I anticipate what my OWN self will or might need. And, over the years, I have learned that having a trusted piece of HOME while I am traveling really does help calm some of those fears and anxieties.

So yes, W3, I travel with a blanket.
A grown, married, successful, powerful woman… I travel with a well-loved blanket. And… I am 100% totally fine with it.

Give it a try next time, or share with us the “loved travel companion” you take. A stuffed animal, a favorite sweater, a good luck charm?

Bet you will never travel without one again. 😉

You Are Loved,