When You Feel Like Giving Up

Good morning beautiful W3!

You know how you have days and days linked together where everything just seems to be falling perfectly into place …  

Where it feels like all your manifesting is really coming to BE and amazing people, opportunities, experiences, places and ‘things’ are showing up at every door and window of your life … 

It’s fantastic! You feel like the sky is clearer, the sun is brighter, and you are on top of the world!

And then … 

One by one it seems to be falling apart. The opportunities just aren’t as incredible as they “seemed” to be.  People disappoint you with a lack of integrity or follow-through, and the doors and windows seem to close with a sharp bang.

Where you were just a short time ago (like 5 minutes ago maybe) standing on top of the Empire State Building filled with joy, promise and optimism … it now feels like you are falling from it instead. 

I definitely know this feeling. I have lived this feeling. And I thought it might be helpful if I shared what I have learned to do with this feeling to turn it around. 

It is the 5 Point Plan For When YOU Fall From Top Of The Empire State Building. (catchy little title isn’t it? Unforgettable lol)

1. Breathe.

One of the first things we do when we are scared, anxious, worried or stressed is that we stop breathing. It seems impossible I know, I mean … we don’t live if we don’t breathe. But it’s true. 

We hold our breath and don’t even realize it. We take shallow little breaths and deprive our cells and our blood, our brain and our heart with the life it needs to ‘survive’ (literally and figuratively).

So when you feel like you are falling W3, start with taking a few deep breaths. Full and strong inhales and exhales to calm your racing heart and panicked brain. Breathe.

2. See.

Yes, open your eyes. Because another thing we do when we are scared, anxious, worried or stressed is we close our eyes. It makes sense, it’s like when we were kids and truly believed that “if I close my eyes and can’t see you – then you can’t see me.”

It can feel like time stops if we just keep our eyes closed. But we know in our hearts that is not true. Time keeps marching on and we need to see what’s coming or we’ll miss it. And something amazing is ALWAYS coming!

3. Look Again.

Now really look around. You are breathing – you are ok. You are calmer than you were and can see things differently without panic confusing the situation. What are you really seeing?

That incredible opportunity that wasn’t so amazing after all? What excited you about it? Who else can you talk to, to create a similar better opportunity with what you know now, that you didn’t know before?

The person who disappointed you, that’s always a hard thing for sure. Aren’t you relieved to KNOW? It isn’t personal. And you want to make sure you surround yourself with people that you can trust, people you admire and have characteristics you share or want to want to develop. 

Who in your circle (or outside of your circle) have you maybe dismissed until now that you could reach out to? And congratulations by the way …. you only know that this person disappointed you because you have a standard for the people in your life, you have boundaries and requirements for relationships. That’s not a good thing that’s a wild and wise GREAT thing! Say goodbye with love.

4. Tell A New Story

You can decide you are falling, or you can decide you are flying. You’ve been given a new opportunity (maybe this was the “real” opportunity the whole time!) to recreate the story and write a brand new chapter.  Woohoo! This is always so much fun!

How do you want the story to proceed now? How will you describe what has gotten you here? Who are the new characters you will bring in to help your new story progress? What miracles and plot twists are coming in the next chapter to aid in the hero’s journey?  (That’s you by the way … the hero). I love this part … and I’m a big believer in it – down to the finest details. 🙂

5. Revisit the Feeling

Remember how you felt? Remember the excitement, the joy, the adrenaline or peace that accompanied that “Top of the Empire State Building” feeling. Go back there. Yes, go back to those feelings and feel them all over again, as often as you can. 

The more you feel them, the more they will become your normal. The more of THAT kind of energy you send out into the world, the more you will get back … the more experiences the Universe will put in your path that illicit those very emotions. 

You don’t need a reason to “feel”. You can create a feeling as easily as you can create a thought. Just decide how are going to feel and do it!

Maybe imagine the things that have made you feel that way in the past, or imagine the dreams you have that will make you feel that way in the future. Just FEEL them as if they are real and NOW. That’s the key. 

So there you have it W3. The 5 Point Plan For When YOU Fall From Top Of The Empire State Building. The one thing I didn’t have room for in the points … is to make sure you also scream a great and powerful wild and wise warrior cry as you fly. (See how I did that? Replaced fall with fly?)

The reason I wanted to share this with you today W3 is because I am experiencing it. And years ago it would have left me in freefall with a prediction of doom and negative thoughts.

I do it differently now, and so as I was going through this process for my Self, I thought of YOU, as I always do … and thought “Hey, maybe someone is also having this kind of sucky day. What I’ve created for my own Self might help.  I’ll share it!”

Yea, that’s what we do.

You Are Loved,

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