Change Is In The Air

Hello Beautiful W3,

Is it beautiful where you are? 

Is snow laying across the earth, sparkling like crystals yet it’s hard to appreciate its beauty if you had hoped to bid it adieu long before now. 🙂 

It is beautiful at my home this morning and I feel beautiful, inside my heart. I’ve been doing alot of work lately – inside work – coming to terms with some impactful changes that have been announced in my life. 

AND it was my birthday last week. My 49th birthday … which means each day I am moving closer to 50 and it is meaningful to me.  Was there a birthday that was meaningful to you? Maybe a milestone … 40? 30? 60? 75? It’s different for us all.

40 brought me a lot of change and the beginning of incredible growth and learning in my life. Wild and Wise Women was a creation of my 40’s. My 40’s were all about creation – re-creation – re-invention – re-learning who I was and getting to really know … Me.  What an incredible decade it has been.

A friend of mine asks me each year, “What will this year be for you? What will it be about – what will you focus on” and this year … I was ready with an answer that just makes me breathe better and deeper and with more purpose than ever before.

My answer …. Freedom. (Take a breath).

Freedom from old stories.

Freedom from obligation.

Freedom to choose.

Freedom from old relationships and friendships that don’t lift me higher.

Freedom from expectations of what others need me to be.

Freedom from lies told to me.

Freedom from my own expectations.

Freedom to create this next half my way.

Freedom from fears that have driven me in the past.

Freedom from responsibility for others responses, choices, understanding or lack thereof.

Freedom from the fear of asking for what I really want – 

From living how I really want.

Freedom from judgement of myself or by others.

Freedom from being the “good” girl, friend, daughter, sister, worker.

Freedom to dream small, savour the delicious, be happy.

I can go on and on …. it’s how I know it is so so right. 🙂

It may not have been your birthday W3, but it is such a significant exercise I can’t help but ask you … 
“What will this year be for you?”

Change is in the air. Love and freedom are IN the air! lol

I do love you W3. With my whole being and am so grateful – so so grateful.

Here’s to each day toward 50 for me. Here’s to each day of freedom. And here’s to each day to wherever you want to go. You can decide, and I’d love to hear about the life design you would choose.

PS. For all of you that are members of Wild and Wise Sisterhood, your gift boxes are being shipped as we speak! You may have already received your tracking information, but if not, it is coming! They are all being sent out the door with great love before Friday!  It’s a good one – we hope you love it as much as we do!!