What Do You Mean I Breathe Backwards?

Good morning beautiful W3,

Now … what is this backwards breathing thing?!

I know … it sounds ridiculous, right?

How is it even possible? I mean … really … we all breathe ALL day, EVERY day … and I’m saying you are maybe doing it wrong??? 

Well …. possibly. But I mean no offence … it is unconscious.  

You might even be thinking … “What is so important about HOW I breathe? I’m still standing aren’t I?”

Trust me … it’s important. VERY important.  But let’s just jump in and see what’s what.

Let’s try an experiment.

Take a deep breath in through your nose.

What do you notice?  (oh, exhale before you answer that … ) 

Does your chest rise when you inhale? (it really shouldn’t).

Do your shoulders rise substantially when you inhale? (that shouldn’t happen either).

Does your tummy increase in size … like a balloon being blown up to a nice round shape?

No?  Well, that SHOULD be happening.

Try it again and pay really close attention to what your body is doing when you breathe.  You see, we’ve almost stopped breathing altogether as a society. We take these small shallow breaths, never truly filling our lungs, and we ‘exercise’ our shoulders and chest rather than where the true breathing should be happening … which is in our abdomen.

A little something you might not know about me is that I am a singer … and a vocal coach. I have studied breath work through this discipline, (where the proper execution is key to success) and then extended it to ‘wild and wise work’ as we began concentrating on meditation and well-being.  

Try taking a deep filling breath again W3 (and maybe sit down or have a hand on something, because beginning to breathe deeply and properly can cause some lightheadedness … be CAREFUL.

Breathing is one of the Six Sacred Tasks™ and doing it with honour, with sacredness, with ritual, with purpose WILL improve your life.

Keep breathing deeply and with purpose W3 and sending out huge love to everyone. 

You Are Loved,

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Photo by Tim Goedhart on Unsplash