What Is All The Fuss About?

Good morning beautiful W3,

Ok … I just can’t hide it. I am SO freakin’ excited! We have been on the phones chatting with all of our Sisterhood subscribers and it’s been the best! 

Not only to hear that you are LOVING the Sisterhood giftbox, AND the affirmations AND are psyched for our upcoming workshop, but just to chat and connect and giggle like girlfriends … I truly love that and I know the rest of my team does too!

Here’s just a bit of the feedback we received on the calls!

Wore the necklace the next day. SO beautifully done. It was curated so nicely. A LOT of thought went into it. LOVED IT. Would not change a thing, keep doing what you are doing! ” ~ Carol Moulton

“LOVED all the pieces. Thought it was great. Liked them all.” ~ Staci MacDonald

“I loved it. Love the heart shaped box the most. I thought it was absolutely fabulous. Decided to use the notebook for happy and grateful moments.” ~ Julie Wobbe

So with that being said, my team and I had a huddle (we do that, have huddles) and we agreed that we want to share the Sisterhood with even more of you AND so we are offering something special and fun! 

And honestly, a little crazy because we will be scrambling like Christmas chipmunks to pull it off! (hey, I live in Canada, we HAVE Christmas chipmunks here)

So here’s the dealio W3.  Join the Sisterhood today and we will make SURE that you receive the October gift box (the one we just sent that everyone is RAVING about) before Christmas (and you’ll receive all the bonuses) PLUS you will receive your second giftbox in January!

I did say it was a little crazy. So here’s the 5 POINT Sisterhood lowdown …

  1. Join the Sisterhood today.
  2. Use the $10 promo code IAmLoved for $10 off
  3. Receive access to the beautiful 30 daily affirmations in your inbox within 24 hours.
  4. Join us for our November live group workshop with coaching, training and experts.
  5. You will receive the October gift box delivered to your door before Christmas!

That’s it! Oh … except then you will also receive your second box of goodness delivered near the end of January, and the workshops are every single month, and you’ll receive a personal call from a member of our team in the new year!  Yup, the gifts just keep on coming!

Maybe you need a Christmas gift for your favorite Wild and Wise Woman, your mom or daughter, sister or friend.

Maybe you need to keep the gift all to your own Self, because it’s that awesome!

Maybe … your holidays are spent without alot of other people, and you want to keep the gift box to open TO your Self, FROM your Self on a day that is special to you.

I’ve been alone during the holidays before W3, and I’ve selected special things for me to open for my Self – that is 100% a true story.

So there you go! Fun right?

We are excited over here and gearing up! (Yes, we are storing food like Chipmunks do. We need something to sustain us as we pack up your boxes right?)

You Are Loved,

PS. If you do want to gift the Sisterhood box as a Christmas gift and need 3 or more, reach out to us and we’ll help make it happen simply and easily for you!

PPS. Join us in the Sisterhood W3. We have a lot of fun!