Unleash Your Wild with Book Collaborative Author, Sue Bonzell

Divine Soul, 

I am SO
{{SO very}}
excited to introduce
a new mini-series
of Wild and Wise LIVES!

Starting the NEW YEAR
with a FRESH take
on each weekly LIVE.

In 2018, I had
the absolute honor
of doing weekly
in the W3 Community
each Wednesday.

And, this past month…
I had a gentle nudge
from the Universe,
to include some
very special and sacred
guests each week
during my LIVE talks.

We are mixing things up a bit
by inviting each of our
Wild and Wise Book Collaborative
to join me for the next
Unleashing Your Wild LIVES.

I am thrilled to
introduce to you
our very first Author,
Sue Bonzell.

Sue Bonzell is a radio personality,
professional speaker,
author of The Respect Experiment and
founder of The Life Balance Academy.

After many years of self-discovery,
Sue found the secret to true happiness,
contentment, and abundance…
living life on the foundation of respect.

An engaging and charismatic speaker,
Sue enthusiastically brings across this
very important concept to her audiences.

Her insights are spot on,
offering straightforward techniques
that are easy to manage,
yet have a great impact
on the lives of her readers
and audiences everywhere.

Join us for the replay of Sue’s Facebook LIVE.