keeps me up at night

It Keeps Me Up At Night. 

Good morning beautiful W3,

I woke up this morning with a deep need to connect with you – just to check-in and see how you are.

If we had a different kind of relationship I would have texted, or picked up the phone, I feel blessed however that I am able to grab my laptop, head to the deck and write to you – soul sister to soul sister – to see how I can support whatever you’re going through.

Because that is the message I am bringing today.  I am here.

Whatever is happening in your world, you are not alone. You are not left to shoulder this journey on your own, not anymore. Not since you joined the wild and wise community.

That’s a promise.

Everything I do here, everything I create, or try, or build is for you. And truly it keeps me up at night to think of “what more can I do?”

I tell you that just so you know how loved you are here. How important you are … to me, and to the thousands of others who “live” here with you.

I see this as a true village, a real community, and it’s continuously evolving into more of something that is different and oh so special. That’s because of you.

So today’s message is simple and two-fold.  It’s a promise. A promise that I am going to keep being here. I am going to keep listening. I am going to keep finding ways to provide more so that you know in every moment you spend here … that you are so incredibly loved.

Yes, that includes the activities, events, resources, connection, inspiration, that we provide to everyone free as our blessings to you for being here

(just a few being the book club, discussion group, wild and wise live event, guides, facebook, draws for “presents”, Ask Christa opportunities, special guest sessions like we did with the amazing Mel Robbins)

AND the new creations that are upcoming (some launching very soon) that are optional such as the wild and wise store, upcoming membership site, coaching groups, one-on-one sessions, and the opportunity to participate along with us as we contribute to something even bigger.

We have collaborations we will soon be announcing where Wild and Wise Women is contributing to other women around the world, helping THEM also to create a better life for themselves which of course in turn, helps create a better world.

So stay with us W3. You are part of a collective energy here, a collective spirit, a collective heartbeat.  And you are SO loved.  Let’s contribute to a better world together.  Let’s change your world …. together. xoxo

You Are SO Loved,

Christa xo

PS. If you haven’t joined us yet, come on over to the Wild and Wise Summer Book Club. It’s free and is just going to be a delicious addition to the summer!  We’re reading Women Who Run With the Wolves together!

PPS. Also our next Wild and Wise Live (previously called Wine Wednesday) is coming up June 28 and I so hope you’ll join us! This is the opportunity for real, live, unscripted discussion and as one of our last attendees told us … “it was magic“.  You don’t want to miss out on magic do you? 😉 So register here (this is also free W3 and I promise no one has a course to sell you) 😉  xo

photo by Jonas Verstuyft via unsplash