A Wild and Wise Meditation

Take A Day, Take A Moment, Breathe.


Happy Sunday Beautiful W3,

Here I sit, with my coffee and peanut-butter cookie (soft peanut-butter cookie of course, must be soft – those hard cookies just crumble all over my shirt – yes, I’m kind of serious about cookies lol) – dogs snuggled in and handsome man just down the couch from me.

I woke up this morning with many thoughts running through my brain ….

1. Gratitude as the sun was streaming through the french doors in our bedroom.
2. Excitement at connecting with the W3 community in the group, in this email, on the page.
3. Happiness at the thought of seeing my son – all grown up living not far away – thinking of paying him a visit this afternoon. 🙂
4. Contentment at a Sunday stretched out before me.
5. Peace as I lay there – just breathing deeply contemplating it all.

And with all of those thoughts I decided “I am taking some time today — time away from my computer, time away from my beautiful community of W3, and even time away from my family.

I am carving out “ME time” – and then (as I do …) I thought of all of you. Would you be able to also carve out me time today?  It doesn’t all have to look or feel or BE the same … this me time.

Some of us can take hours … some of us for today … can find moments.  Some of us are able to leave our homes and get outside (if that is what inspires us) and some of us … today …. may be able to go into the bedroom (or bathroom – which was definitely my “alone” space when there were tenacious little people – or yes, even a house full of company lol.)

I have mentioned I am an introvert by now haven’t I? And that the combined energy of many can overwhelm me?

And so on this beautiful Sunday (at least here in British Columbia it is Sunday morning – it may not be where you are) 🙂 I am inviting you to find a moment – or a day! – for YOU.  Wild and Wise YOU time.

To help that along I have provided the link to our 5 minute meditation for you again.  I listen to this often – every time I just need a 5 minute recharge / reset.  So put your earphones in, find that quiet place for yourself – in the sun – on your couch – in the bathroom! 😉 and …


Happy Sunday W3.  Never forget …

You Are Loved,


Photo by Dingzeyu Li via unsplash