W3 Live Online Event

The Date For The Next W3 Live Online Event Is Set.

Good morning W3,

It’s an early one for me this morning. My mind was full and twisting and churning and the sunrise was calling to me.

I’ll be honest, the sunrise and I have a solid relationship these days. In my past we hung out a lot BUT, the time I spent was her was far from peace-full.  I just wasn’t there yet.

There being … in a place where she could help quiet my mind and soothe my soul. Basically in those days gone by she was purely a source of light, a marking of time. I was blind to her beauty. It hurts to even say it.

Now, when she calls to me it is a soft whisper and a gentle nudging.

“Come” she says. “Sit with me.” “Together we will sort it out.”

And, we have.  The result? Christa is taking a day off.

We have so much happening.  Building a 2 level subscription / membership site. Finding my favourite things to share with you as members (yes … I will be sending you presents!). Talking with incredible wild and wise women around the world who are offering their training, expertise and love to you.

And as promised, putting together our next live event. On Wednesday, May 17 we will be hosting a girlfriend gabfest, sisterhood soul circle, where I am gathering together some of my best girlfriends for a glass of wine and no-holds barred discussion on all things wild and wise.

Relationships, health, career, love, family, passion, dreams, life … all of it AND you are invited to join us, to take part, ask questions, and share your own experience.

It’s the first Wild and Wise Wine Wednesday and I’m excited. It’s another opportunity for us to get the heartbeats in the same room, and to come together to share a momentshare a breath, share a whisper, share a heartbeat.

And also as promised … YOU do not have to register. You will receive a direct link right here in my messages to you (assuming there isn’t some technical obstacle I am blissfully unaware of because we all know THAT happens).

So mark your calendar for 5:00 pm PT / 8 pm ET on Wednesday, May 17 and choose your beverage of choice to join us with.

It’s A Time For Connection.
Oh … and the message from the sunrise this morning? It’s an old familiar song that I share with you to consider as well. 🙂

Breathe. Be Kind To Yourself. I know that pushing through and working harder is a familiar and comfortable choice – but let’s not. Today, let’s step back and give yourself space. Give yourself room dear one to grow into those wings. Today take just a moment … and share a breath, share a whisper, share a heartbeat with … your Self. The Universe is preparing you to fly.”

You Are Loved,

Christa xo

PS. I wanted to share this video from a retreat we did back in 2011. (Yes, I know it’s time for another one!) But this so beautifully translates the energy then … and now … of the love I want present in every event we do – virtual or live, and hope it speaks to you and encourages you to join us on May 17.  W3 Retreat 2011