The Habit Of Being Happy

The Habit Of Being Happy.

Good evening Beautiful W3!

Today has been a very full day of tech fun, new wireframes coming in for Wild and Wise YOU to review, consulting, coaching, and connecting with you on Facebook and in our two free 7 day challenges that are running!

If you haven’t joined one of those yet, you can click here for the 7 Day Smile Challenge, and click here for the Make A Wish, Make A Change Challenge.

The purpose of these short challenges is to remind you that small changes can make a BIG difference in your life.

You don’t have to be overwhelmed by doing a “complete overhaul” on every aspect of your life right now … you can make a small change – that will impact how you feel – that will raise your energy vibration – that will in turn bring you MORE experiences to create that feeling!

Did that make sense?

For example … our Smile Challenge.  By making the small change to ensure you smile several times a day, MORE reasons to smile will come your way. (ok, I totally did not mean to create a rhyme there lol)

It will become a habit – yes, to smile – but to FEEL the smile most importantly – and that happiness and joy will begin to spread over more parts of your day and your life. It will become a habit to be happy – your default setting – and a habit to smile.

A pretty good habit to have wouldn’t you say?

So think of the things that make you smile.  Join us in the Smile Challenge for steps to your Happiness Habit.

Small Steps to Big Change.

You Are SO Loved W3,

Christa xo

PS.  I have gotten your messages and emails! I haven’t been able to answer them all yet, I promise I’m working on it!  But you have asked since the challenges started if I would provide 30 minute private Happiness Habit Sessions as we did with the Passion Quest and Burning Bridges (Relationship and Communication) sessions.

As my final sessions are concluding this week, and because you asked and your wish is my command if at all possible …. YES I WILL.

If would like to book a 30 minute one-on-one $99 session with me to jumpstart your Happiness Habit – reply to this email and we will reach out to you.  I will open 10 spots again. 🙂

PPS. I have a great download for you in my next email and details are upcoming for a live discussion! ​​​​​​​

photo by Fernando Brasil via unsplash