Wild and Wise Self-Care

Wild and Wise Self-Care: 10 Ideas For You

Happy Saturday W3!

It’s a beautiful sunny morning and we are getting ready to host nearly 20 people for dinner. Turkey, ham, my “world famous” stuffing, cauliflower carrot puree, marshmallow yams … yes the whole shebang!

If you’ve been with me for any length of time, you know that this is both pleasure AND pain for me lol … being an introvert with sensitivities to chaotic and clustered energies I dread group events – but the love and laughter that takes place is worth the recovery time needed once it is all over!

(I know it sounds like I am describing a raging party with a resulting hangover, and while that’s NOT what it is … there are similarities – which many of you can attest to I’m sure.) ๐Ÿ™‚

So I’m planning the self-care that I need to provide the best most love-filled experience for my guests and my Self. Like right this minute, I am here alone … in my quiet house, coffee cup full, quietly writing to you. (Did you see how I slipped the word “quiet” in there a few times?) ๐Ÿ˜‰

I also know that since we have a family easter egg hunt tomorrow morning with a group breakfast, that I need to rise early to have the quiet time I need first … and that the afternoon consists of reading and a hike with the dogs should the sun be shining (unpredictable at best these days) and no additional people, no additional energies.

Because that’s what I need. It took me a long time to identify what I need for my own self-care, to shed the residue of shame and guilt that I had been taught over putting myself “first” (or even on the list at all) and now I am fierce about honouring and respecting that.

And I want this for you as well W3. I have been working with a number of you on finding your passion, and on how to “burn bridges” with integrity and grace, and it has come up consistently how we “don’t have time for self care”.

I’ve spoken with wild and wise who couldn’t find five minutes to focus on themselves, and had no idea “what” might bring a feeling of peace, contentment or joy.

And so I’ve included a list of examples of some activities below that might spark your imagination and might speak to you.

I INVITE YOU to choose one or two that you commit to doing for Your Self this weekend. You deserve it beautiful W3 AND self-care is a requirement to living wild and wise. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So here’s that list. Choose one, two, ten! and I hope you’ll come join us in the Facebook group and share your choices or other of your favorite self-care rituals and activities.

You Are Loved,

Christa xo

PS. Thank you to everyone who reached out for sessions. I am thrilled to be working with you! Thank you also for every message you send me. I love hearing from you!

Wild and Wise Self Care