Go Soul Deep.

Go Soul Deep.

Good morning on this beautiful Friday morning W3!

Wow! It has been a week. Has it been a bit of a crazy week for you?

We had email platform woe’s … then our internet provider went down completely yesterday (hence no email from me) along with cable and home phone for anyone in the area who still uses those services … (I’ve heard there still are some) 😉 then some fun tax distinctions to untangle and well … the list went on.

The great news is that I was also involved in two 7 day challenges in the W3 Facebook Discussion group that kept me on the right track – with one that continues on until Sunday evening – come take part for the weekend if the mood strikes you ~ we welcome new faces ALWAYS.

But now it is time to slow it all down and to ease into the weekend with a full heart and clear peaceful mind. That is why I have provided for you today a Love LetterA Wild and Wise Love Letter from me to you ~ reminding you of your wildness, your wisdom, your beauty and your courage.

We have adapted the love letter, it now one page that you can print out (and I hope you do) and hang in on your wall so you see it every day and remember just how incredible you are.

Confidence allows us to do amazing things W3 … it supports us to take risks, holds us steady as we step out of our comfort zone, props us up as we take chances.  I want this love letter from me to you to be a source of strength, and maybe it will be just that little extra bit you need to ….. fly.  I do hope so.

Use it as a meditation in your quiet moments. Use it as a Smile Trigger in your own personal Smile Challenge.  Use it to decide what you want to take a chance on to make a change in your life.  Or just use it as a declaration of fact. YOU ARE … wildwisecourageousbeautiful and so much more.  You are MY gorgeous soul sister.

Go Soul Deep Wild and Wise.

You Are Loved,

Christa xo

PS. If you have any trouble downloading the Love Letter email us at [email protected] and we’ll send it to you personally as an attachment.​​​​​​​

PPS. I am planning a live virtual event for you mid-May W3! A “life-class” training session with Q&A. If you could choose the topic, what would it be?  Reply to this email and tell us!  I am committed to delivering the content you most want and need and will move mountains to do it – but I need to hear you, so please hit reply and talk to us.