Eat Dessert For Breakfast

Eat Dessert For Breakfast

Good Morning W3!

I am hoping it is a beautiful Sunday where you are!  The truth is – no matter what you see outside your window … WE can make it a beautiful day … a Best Day!

I love the idea of “a best day”, and the beauty is we can have a best day – over and over again, time after time, with different details and factors that qualified it is a best day for us.

It’s a lot like the gratitude journals we have kept, or continue to keep to this day.  (do you still keep a gratitude journal?)  What are those things we are grateful for, that delighted us, that MADE this a best day?

I have a few tried and true I’d like to share with you.

I have been known to eat dessert for breakfast.  I mean, what a fabulous way to start the day! Dessert is often seen as a “reward” or a “celebration”.  Heck, let’s start this reward giving and celebration stuff right at the start and let it guide how the day is going to turn out!

I am a HUGE fan of shot glass desserts.  No, I don’t mean a tequila shot that I call dessert, but hey – sometimes that’s also called for – I mean dessert inside a shot glass.  Like pecan pie or dark chocolate cake – with whipped cream or icing.

Because you see, then I can REALLY enjoy every decadent and luxurious bite.  There’s only a bite or two to have, and I savor each mouthful.  I’m thinking about it now, and I admit I get a little charge out of the “sinfulness” of it all – I can taste that pecan pie and with a dark strong cup of coffee.  Well – THAT is already a best day!

Now, when you finish your breakfast of decadent dessert, make another “best” decision you are going to enjoy.  Fill your day with “bests“!

Crank the radio in the car and make it a Karaoke morning, or buy a coffee for a
person needing a hand up, do something nice for a co worker, volunteer at
the school or local senior or recreation centre or … just call someone to say “I love you” and listen.

This doesn’t need to be the most important day of your life, this needs to be a
day that upon reflection brings a smile to your face.

Make today memorable.  That special morning you ate dessert for breakfast.  Unless, of course, you start to eat dessert for breakfast all the time, if that’s the case …” oh” look how grand life has just become. 😉

Sometimes it only takes the smallest action – the tiniest shift – in attitude, environment, or habit, to truly shape the next chapter of our lives.

This moment – this day is YOURS. Take control of it.  Make it a BEST day!  

And I hope you’ll share with us in the group how you shaped your best day – to inspire others to do the same – and allow us to celebrate you.  And if there’s a dessert recipe we should also be aware of … for goodness sake don’t keep it to yourself! We have Best Days to create! 😉

Your Are Loved W3,

Christa xo