Baby Steps to Peace

Baby Steps to Peace

Choose Peace over Negativity

A couple of weeks ago, I had a post that triggered a large response in shares, likes and comments amongst our tribe. Your voice came through loud and clear W3, but what was the message? The post was about choosing peace over negativity.

I was also asked …. “In a world filled with violence, bullies, and terror how do we choose peace?  How do we actually do it? Like everything else my beautiful W3 ~ it starts with baby steps.

Make some small choices – tiny shifts (we’ve talked about those before).  It’s about changing one habit at a time, one step at a time, and really paying attention to the ripple effect it creates in your life.

Choose to only read uplifting, peaceful stories (whether online or in print) for the next week.  When negativity, violence, or anything unsettling energetically fills your television screen or computer monitor … turn the channel or turn it off.

Hide negative posts from your timeline.  Walk away from negative conversations.  Listen to how you speak – to your Self and to others – and inject positivity into your words, or change the message from a negative to a positive one.

Basically pay close attention W3 – to what you are allowing IN to your energetic field and the energy you are putting OUT into the world.  This is a call to action to my sisters and I know that the call was heard by the response to the post.

Let us lead the way to help fill this world we live in with positive energy with peaceful energythat promotes the same in others around us. In this time we are living in, now is the time more than ever to move toward a brighter more positive path.

Won’t you share with us the steps you are taking to choose PEACE over negativity in the discussion group?  It’s how we shine the light brighter – by sharing with one another.

Baby steps.  Wild and Wise baby steps

 You are loved W3,

 Christa xo