A Yearly Ritual

It’s A Yearly Ritual …

Good morning W3,

We are moving into the final stretch of 2016, can you feel it?

This time of year always silently urges me to take stock of the months that have passed. To pay attention – to what has been. To start to envision what the next months will be.

This calls for an inventory – a personal inventory – to know what I want “more” of and “less of” as well.  And I wanted to share this ritual that I have with you W3 – in case you wanted to walk through it with me this year.

So where do I start?  Communication and connection is always a big one for me. How am I doing with those visits, calls and emails to friends and family, the ones I may take for granted and love the most?

Projects I had planned – sure the practical ones – but mostly those passion projects, the ones that stir my soul and make my heart sing.  Have I made time for those?

Work.  Am I proud of the contribution I am making?  Do I love the role I am in, the responsibilities I hold? (well, more than 1/2 of them anyway) 😉

How about finances – budget and boundaries.  Have I set measures, made the strides I’d hoped? 

Finally, the “real” goods – the one I need to treasure most and often neglect.  My Self.  Am I being the best version of myself each day?  Am I happy – at peace – inside and out?

So here I sit, pen and paper in hand – starting my personal inventory for 2016.  And it doesn’t end at the list – of course.  That’s just the beginning.

The call to action truly is to choose – choose one thing to check off your list by taking a step, a baby step or two, to create more or less – of whatever it needs to be to create your best most significant life.

I share this with you my W3, and I challenge you, to create your own personal inventory – your own checklist.

I hope you’ll share with us, tell us how the experience impacted you (if it did), and know that your words will inspire others to take similar steps.

Together we can move mountains W3, and sometimes it feels like all we are doing is climbing forever and never reaching the top.  But you are – I promise … it is closer than you think.

So plan YOUR next step, and start the journey.  We’ve got you.

With Love,

Christa xo

photo by Nathan Dumlao via unsplash