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Join Hundreds of Other Women as We Read Women Who Run With The Wolves and Rediscover the Wild and Wise Woman Inside of You.

You Have All The Time You Need to Take Part, As We Are Reading One Chapter A Week, Taking Us Into the Middle of October Together!

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Do You Dare to Dream…

  • Do you crave a life full of adventure, passion, and meaning – regardless of the risks?
  • Do you ache to live LOUDer, BOLDer, and TRUEr than ever before… honouring your instincts and refusing to fit into someone else’s mold?
  • Do you long to shed the expectations of society and shout a profound “YES!” to everything this life has to offer and nothing less?

If so, then this book club was created just for you. The Wild and Wise Summer Book Club is a safe space for you to unwrap, explore, and grapple with the wild and wise woman who is within us all.

This is your chance to feed your soul, reconnect with your truest, highest self, and discuss thought-provoking ideas with like-minded women as we move throughout these summer days together.

Our Summer Book Selection Is …

Women Who Run with the Wolves

By Clarissa Pinkola Estès

What Other Women Are Saying:

  • “The book that saved my wild life”
    ~ Nancy

  • “I read this through a very difficult time in my life. I still have the book. I cherish it.”
    ~ Erin

  • “Love this book, gifted it twice, every woman should read it.”
    ~ Debra

  • “My absolutely favorite book. It’s like my bible!”
    ~ Dusty

  • “My fav of all time … It is always always always by my bedside.”
    ~ Debbie

  • “A life changer for me.”
    ~ Christine

  • “Discovered this book ten years ago… it helped me recover during a very difficult time. It’s a must in any woman’s library.”
    ~ Marnie

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Discussion topics will be posted weekly inside our exclusive Facebook group from now until mid October. In addition, LIVE online discussions will be scheduled based on interest.


This book club will be a relaxing haven as we engage in ongoing discussions, find inspiration, share meaningful passages, and experience breakthroughs together.

Reclaim the Wild Inside This Summer.

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