words from a reformed workaholic

Words From A Reformed Workaholic

As many of you know I just haven’t been feeling great for awhile, and while people poke around to get to the bottom of it, it just felt like I owed my body a re-start. It’s nothing harsh, and nothing chemical – just a gentle rest for my insides … a nap so to speak.

And speaking of gentle rests, naps, and re-starts – I have also made the decision that Friday’s are from now on, going to be a day free of meetings, free of heavy strategizing, free of interviews and major projects.

Writing to you, that’s allowed. Why you might ask? Well – two-fold. One, if you were with us for May’s Wild and Wise Live you would have heard me talk about what I would have done differently …. and I owe it to myself to continue to walk THAT talk.

Two, being a wild and wise woman is about freedom. It’s about living this amazing, incredible life out loud. It’s about making bold choices, experiencing the nature’s wonder, knowing ourselves and loving ourselves.

I have a tendency to work …. alot. I like it. I’m good at what I do and I love all the things we are creating for you! I have sacrificed my Self in detrimental ways in the past for work. I’ve vowed to myself (and to all of you) that I won’t do that anymore.

So … to support that lifestyle choice … no more work on Fridays! woohoo!

What is the rest you need W3? Is it physical, spiritual, emotional, mental? We all know in our hearts that we need to take better care of our Selves … but we so often just keep putting ourselves at the bottom of the list (if we’re on the list at all!)

So today … I invite you to put your Self at the top of the list for the “nap” or the rest you need. Make a choice your body and heart will thank you for. It may be 5 minutes … it may be the whole day.  

What would allow you to exhale W3 … deeply, at ease and at peace? Try It.  

You deserve it.  

What will you do with this amazing day you’re been given?  

Tell us all about it in the Facebook Group – I LOVE to hear about the wild and wise choices you make and things you do! 

You Are Loved,




PS. The Wild and Wise Summer Book Club continues to grow! If you haven’t joined yet … come on over! It’s going to be a Wild Woman summer as together we read and discuss Women Who Run With the Wolves!