My Birthday Gift

My Birthday Gift Talks And Has A Message For You!

Hey W3!

I have to start out with a quick apology as due to a few technical …. adventures I am later than usual in sending out my message to you.

I have a quick little video included in this message to give you the birthday update and share with you my favorite gift … (I’ll give you a hint … it talks!) but I also want to hit on something quickly before you get there.

As you know, I’ve been working with a number of you on finding your passion, among some other topics as well, and the one thing I have heard over and over again is how life just gets in the way of you making progress!

You’re exhausted, and it’s taking all you have to just get through the “musts” in your day.  There isn’t TIME to put a practice into place and those two things … exhaustion and a lack of time are big things that are holding you back!

I want to tell you … help is here.  

This has caused a brain-storming flurry to come up with even more and better strategies to help you focus on the most important things that are going to move you forward (and sometimes those things are just taking deep full breaths, sleeping, eating properly, being grateful, changing your story, finding moments of joy, remembering your passions, etc.) and we will unveil what THAT is going to look like soon.

But in the meantime … I invite you to participate in this very simple challenge W3.

Take 10 post-it notes (or small pieces of paper you can attach to surfaces without damaging them) and write one word on each one.

Write SMILE.

Now find 10 different places in various rooms, in your car, on your computer monitor at work, on your bathroom mirror, to attach this one message.

I know it seems simple … it is. And this part, the writing and attaching, is the easy part.

The CHALLENGE is for the next week – every time you see one of these love notes to yourself – find something to visualize and think about that will cause you to smile.

Now, really sink into that feeling you get when you are thinking about that “smiley” thing. Is it your grand-daughter’s giggle, your puppy licking your face, your father’s voice, your spouse’s love, a special gift, an endless ocean view …

Whatever YOUR  “smile trigger” is … use that. Maybe you’ll have more than one to choose from and yes, you are potentially going to be going from room to room smiling like a crazy person. 😉 (everyone will wonder what you’re up to).

This is how we change our vibration – how we change our energy and attract more happiness, joy, love, and abundance into our worlds. I promise it’s true!

And sometimes, we have to fake it ’till we make it.

Will you accept the challenge W3?

I will create a 7 day event in the Wild and Wise Women Facebook Discussion Group to share your experience, your messages, and the impact it has on your life and those around you!

I can’t wait to see your smiles!

You Are Loved,

Christa xo

PS. Here’s the video I mentioned … It’s A Birthday Gift That Talks!

PPS.  If you, or someone you know, is a wild and wise women we should be talking to … who we should spotlight, or who has training or passion to share, please reach out to us at [email protected] and introduce us!  It takes a village W3 – and we are building a very VERY special village at Wild and Wise YOU. xoxo