3 Steps to Wishes Granted

3 Steps to Wishes Granted – It’s True!

Good morning Beautiful W3!

It is GORGEOUS out today and I’m excited because we are taking the puppies on a tour of off-leash parks / beaches today. I just love watching them run together – their joy coming off them in waves – free and happy … they are visual and present reminders of what it can look like, feel like, BE like to experience joy – freedom – sunshine … sign me up!

As I’ve mentioned I’ve been working with a number of you and along with “I am too tired to ___________” (fill in the blank here – including make a new choice, find my passion, take part in a challenge, meditate, feel, dream) and … 

“I don’t have time to _________” (again, fill in the blank – work on my Self, think about all that self-love gobbledy-gook, take part in a challenge, breathe, dream, change ….

The other warrior cry I am hearing from you my beautiful wild and wise is …

“I don’t know what I want!”

“I don’t know what my passion is …. I don’t know what my dreams are … I don’t know what I would even wish for!”

And I say to you … it’s ok.  Hear me – I am telling you … it’s ok.  As always with me, we are going to unwrap this one more layer, down to bare bones, first steps, simple steps, easy ways to gain some forward momentum (the Universe loves forward momentum!)

So here we go …

Step 1.

Make a wish that starts with … “I wish that every day I felt ________.

It can go something like this:

“I wish that every day I felt joy.”  “I wish that every day I felt loved.” “I wish that every day I felt excitement about the day ahead.” “I wish that every day I felt fulfilled.” “I wish that every day I felt peace-full.” “I wish that every day I felt “passion-fueled.”  I wish that every day I felt confident.”

Just pick one. Keep it simple and don’t overwhelm your Self with trying to accomplish 20 new “feelings” tomorrow. Let’s keep this simple W3 … just pick ONE.

Step 2.

Take a chance that you know your Self better than you are feeling you do right now. Take a chance on being right AND being “wrong”. Take a chance on your imagination and choose something, anything, that MAY accomplish this wish.

(See the word “may” there?  It’s important. Because this is delicious exploration, adventurous questing, delightful playtime … I want you to have eyes wide open in this part of the process and being AWAKE for what shows up. It might be different than you are expecting … but even more “right”.)

It can go something like this:

“I wish that every day I felt joySO I am going to video skype with my granddaughter every day this week so I can see her smile and hear her laugh.”

“I wish that every day I felt lovedSO I am going to do one thing for 30 mins every day this week that is extreme self-care for ME (take a hot bath, nap, read) without guilt.”

“I wish every day I felt peace-full, SO I am going to get my Self to the water every day this week – just to be silent and still and watch the waves come in.”

Step 3.

Here’s the hardest part beautiful W3, and where you can absolutely utilize Mel’s 5 Second Rule to help propel you through this step. (Did you miss the chat with Mel Robbins, Best-Selling Author of the 5 Second Rule? Find it HERE)

This step is … MAKE A CHANGE.

Again, I just want you to choose ONE action you are going to commit to for the next week.  Is it a video skype call? 30 mins of Self care? Getting to the water? Please just take a chance on one action to fulfill the wish this week.

With our crazy, busy lives filled with survival tactics and coping mechanisms and giving all we have to others … it is going to take a little bit of time and patience to even ALLOW the action to deliver the outcome. AND that outcome, will likely come in whispers, not roars.

>Give your choice … a chance.  A 7 day chance. You are creating a new ritual in your life.  A new habit, a new pattern. AND the ritual or habit isn’t the action (gotcha didn’t I!) 😉 . The new muscle we are building dear W3 … is the outcome. The feeling.

Because it is the energy vibration of your feelings that trigger the Law of Attraction – which then allows YOU to attract what you desire into your life – abundance, love, peace, financial resources, contentment etc.

But all that comes later.  For now, 3 simple steps.

Make a Wish.  Take a Chance.  Make a Change.

And know that I, along with the thousands of W3 here, are with you every single step of the way!  I’ve created another event in the W3 Facebook group so that we can all gather there and share our experience, cheer each other on, and be a part of the “sister-soul-circle” that has been so instrumental in the wild and wise journey so far.

Step by Step W3 – we’ve got this!

You Are SO Loved,

Christa xo

PS. Make sure you join the FB Group (if you haven’t already) and that you attend the event! I will be utilizing the FB group more and more as our discussion space for the topics that come up in our “personal discussions” (ie. these emails) and it just isn’t the same if YOU aren’t there with me!

PPS. If you haven’t joined the 7 Day Smile Challenge yet, you can hop on (it’s only day 2) HERE. It’s also a great one to start laying the patterns and habits to elevate your energy and make positive changes in your daily life!