rebel girl

Do You Know A Rebel Girl?

Hey Beautiful W3,

It is a gorgeous morning here in British Columbia, and I’m tucked in to our cozy living room with both dogs snuggled in beside me. Strong coffee and a peanut-butter cookie to start the morning (it’s like fuel for my soul), and all is right in my world.

As we all know, it was International Women’s Day yesterday.  I don’t know about you, but I was quiet. With all that’s been happening I had alot I was reflecting on, and my mind and heart kept going to girls.  Your girls, my girls, our girls, their girls, the girls we were, the girls we are … the world’s girls.

And as I consistently and constantly find solace, peace, answers and questions in the pages of books, I also was strolling through old and new, knowing my soul was looking for … something.  And it found what it was looking for.

Do You Know A Rebel Girl W3?  If so buy them this book.  You see what touched me so deeply about this book is … I was a rebel girl.  Heck, I AM a rebel girl!

I didn’t make history, or win a Nobel Peace Prize, (yet) 😉 but what I know for sure is that rebel girls BECOME Wild and Wise Women.

And we need to know about each other – our girls need to know those who have come before – and these are the stories we want them to know.

These are the stories I want to know.

Ok … did I get this book for me?  Yes. 
Did I get copies to give to the rebel girls AND wild and wise women in my life? Yes again.

It was very fitting for me on International Women’s Day.  And while I can’t imagine I’ll still have copies by the time International Day of the Girl comes around in October … I know where to go to find the perfect gift for those girls who need to know the shoulders upon which they stand.

I wanted to share this with you W3.  There is of course no obligation for you to purchase this book, or anything I share with you (yes, it feels weird to even have to say that … but I do, so that there is no misunderstanding about it between us).

I just want to be able to share with you the things I use or come across that I love, in case you would love them too.

Happy Day After International Women’s Day W3.

You Are Loved,

Christa xo