One Of The Most Popular W3 Posts Of All Time

Good morning beautiful W3,

It’s another peace-filled day at the Retreat house. It’s chilly and wet mind you, but that’s ok! I’m planning on heading out shortly and raking up the pine needles that have blanketed the outer yard and taking the dogs to the lake for a walk. 

As we finished up the first shipment of Wild and Wise Sisterhood boxes, I want to send a HUGE shoutout to Ali – our Sisterhood Goddess who made sure that every box was perfect, and that they all got out on time. This could NOT have happened without her, so please join me in sending her huge love and gratitude. Sisterhood is enroute everyone!! Thank you Ali! We LOVE you!

As we are reviewing posts, emails and other wild and wise goodness (yes, we may be considering a book project or something …)  I realized just how much W3 have loved and appreciated the posts that we have been sharing for 7 years now. (7 years! Wow!)

How much do you love them? Well, this particular post below was commented on 3,176 times, shared 65,306 times, and responded to 199,600 times!

That’s a lot of love.

So we are going back to our roots a little bit W3 and are going to be sharing with you HERE the most popular posts from our time on Facebook. We will also be creating a space just for YOU, where they will be compiled for your sharing and downloading pleasure.

We want you to be able to access the best of the best with just a click of a mouse, and be able to create your own collection of the “Best of W3”.

We are always looking for new ways to serve the best women’s community on the planet (That’s us by the way … humble aren’t I?) 😉 and so back to basics. Back to what started it all, to the foundation, we springboarded off of to become the community of over 300,000 women we are today.

And … I’m not going to lie ~ Facebook is an ever-evolving platform. Who knows what it will be even a year from now. It is NOT the wild and wise way to depend on them to hold our most valuable possessions (that’s just crazy right?) so … little by little we take back what is ours so we can share it with you in any way we like and YOU decide if you see it or not.

Sound good?

Let’s get this party started W3!

You Are Loved,

PS. The post that was shared over 65,000 times has been redesigned slightly below but the message is the same. If you click the image it will take you to the original image on Facebook before we started getting fancy. 😉

PPS. Have a favorite W3 post, message, image or email? Let us know!