When They Call You Names

Good morning beautiful W3,

We are back from the Wild and Wise Retreat House, back in to the routine, and there is ALOT more snow here!  That’s a view from our deck, the beautiful church and hills in the distance.

I am a warmth-seeking creature W3, I must admit, so if this keeps up W3 I am going to be the girl who never leaves home!

No, the truth is … I know I have to get my butt outside just to FEEL the air, cold as it is (currently -8 C). That is what Oriah Mountain Dreamer‘s book (my manifesto for living) “The Invitation” always nudges me to do … she invites us all to LIVE and to FEEL and to BE. And sometimes we feel most alive in the uncomfortable moments don’t we? Snaps us right out of our numbness!

So I have a question for you. Have you been called names? Names other than your own? Names that aren’t so complimentary or positive? I know I have. Heck, there was a time in my life when I was the most guilty culprit of all – I had an assortment of descriptive phrases I would say to my Self … AND I am also very aware of times when those names came from others.

I came across this video today., and it brought alot of that back as I thought how TRUE this can sometimes be. And not only in the corporate world, where I spent a lot of my time … also just as a mom.  The elementary school parent scene can be cut-throat I came to realize!

But here’s where it differs slightly for me.  I was rarely aware of being called negative names by men. I’m sure it happened. I’m sure that’s true. But I have been called some nasty names by women.

If someone was looking to cut me down, in the corporate world, in the parent world, in the entrepreneur world, in my own “head” world … the face’s I see in my minds eye are those of women (including my own … ouch.)

So I thought we could do a little ritual W3 – of taking back our TRUE names, and all that they mean.

Painting a picture so vibrant and brilliant, that anything else just falls away as we shine into those names even stronger than ever before.

AND that all of our wild and wise sisters join us in honouring the highest vision we have for ourselves – represented by our names.

Names are powerful. It’s why when the one we have doesn’t resonate with our soul, I know many of us who have changed them, and been honoured in naming ceremonies.  Maybe that’s another piece of this for you.  If you could change your name … what would it be?  How would you refer to your SELF that is soul-filling?

Naming ceremonies are part of the wild and wise way W3 ~ whether as a ritual to honour the name given to you at birth, or to celebrate a new name chosen by you or bestowed upon you. It is important to FEEL that our names represent us well.

So … Step #1 of this wild and wise ritual W3. 

Paint the picture of your soul, literally.  Whether you use crayons, paints, words, other art forms, music, chants, movement, dance. What comes up for you? Try your best to capture it, to remember it, to write it down. Be descriptive and abundant. There is no one to judge your choices. 

This is an experience FOR YOU, that you can expand into.

Open your heart, explore your soul, spread your wings, smile.

Visualize you, and then … visual the name that best represents you. Is it the name you currently have? Is it something different? Take time.

What’s in a name? SO MUCH.

I will be checking in this week to see how you are doing with this Monday W3 Ritual. Before we move onto Step #2, I want you to have the time and space to expand into Step #1.

You Are Loved,

PS. Do not worry W3. This does mean you are changing your name, this is not about filling out forms, or heading to the DMV (unless that is something you want to take on at some point). This is just about YOU, and about a W3 soul-filling ritual and a touchpoint you will always be able to go back to should you ever be “called out of your name” again.

PPS.  The Sisterhood Guide – “10 Ways to Inspire Change” speaks to some of these points. If you haven’t read it … download it, it’s free, and take a look. It is thought-provoking and I urge you to insert your Self into each commitment as well.  ONLY raise your Self UP. Never tear your Self down. Provide safe space for your Self … YES.