How To Recover From Loss and Find Your Way

Good morning beautiful W3,

It is another beautiful Saturday and you know what that means … I get to share my FAVORITE things with you!

1) Video: Glamour Women of the Year Live Summit

“For the past 27 years, the ‘Glamour’ Women of the Year Awards has honored game changers, rule breakers, and trailblazers.  This year’s class of extraordinary women is no exception.  They came.  They saw.  They rocked our world …”

Sounds alot like what we do over here at Wild and Wise Women doesn’t it? So of course I will be watching the livestream of the Summit.

“Motivating, entertaining, emotional, inspirational: It’ll be a day you’ll never forget.” Watch the live stream on or Facebook starting November 13 at 9:00 A.M. EST.

I am a die-hard, hard-core fan of many of the women being celebrated – and by that I mean a fan of the difference that they are making, a fan of their commitment to use their power for “good”, a fan of their bravery to speak, even when their voice shakes (and they are lambasted with negativity).

2) The Sisterhood Workshop: How To Recover From Loss and Find Your Way

I am so excited for this workshop!  “With everything that is going on around the world: wildfires, hurricanes, violence, and so much more … grief and loss are all around us.  Not to mention …

  • Our personal circumstances that include divorcejob loss, loss of our homes, friendships, lifestyle, possessions.
  • Most important and critical of all … our Loss of Self due to years of putting others first.
  • Putting our passions aside, and becoming numb to our lives.
  • It’s No Wonder We Don’t Even Recognize How Loss Has Affected Our Daily Lives, and the Lives of Those We Love.

That’s why our November’s Sisterhood Workshop topic such an important one and why we’ve invited VERY special guests to join me as we learn ways to find our way BACK from the loss we’ve experienced.

This is not a topic we take lightly, it’s why I have a Grief Recovery Expert, Christina Lerchen, as part of our panel.

This workshop is open to all active subscribers of the Wild and Wise Sisterhood. If you haven’t joined the Sisterhood yet, now’s a really good time to do it!

Become a member of the Sisterhood and join us for our first MONTHLY workshop on November 26.

3) Fun Quiz: What Is My Spirit Animal

Sometimes life needs to be not so serious and a little quiz that seems to be eerily accurate is just what the doctor ordered. This is one of those quizzes.  What is YOUR spirit animal? Which animal is your Spirit Guide today?

I’m not going to lie, I sometimes find these little short quizzes to just be reassuring, even though I am very aware of how they work. And we can always find how the choice that comes up relates to our current situation, aren’t we?

So what have you got to lose?

Find out the Animal Spirit Guide that is supporting you today, and share it in the Facebook group.

You Are Loved,

PS. We have been hearing from YOU as you unbox your Wild and Wise Sisterhood box and we LOVE IT! Keep them coming! And the Sisterhood team has been calling every single member of the Sisterhood (that’s another one of the perks of being a member – you get to chat with us personally) just to chat, connect and get your feedback!

Here’s just one of the comments we received on one of the calls:
“Wore the necklace the next day.  SO beautifully done.  It was curated SO nicely. A lot of thought went into it. LOVED IT. Would not change a thing, keep doing what you are doing.”

This makes our heart happy!  Remember to use #thesetuproject and tag us on social media when you post your photos and videos, we don’t want to miss even one!