A Lifestyle Business Is Awesome … Truth or Lie?

Good morning beautiful W3,

Can I just be super direct and up-front honest with all of you. I know I’ve mentioned it before, (because it is clearly a peeve of mine) … there are many people who are just not telling us the truth about their “lifestyle” businesses. And it really burns my bacon! (And nobody likes burnt bacon!)

I have a “lifestyle” business.  Meaning that I get to choose when I work, how much I work, how I work, with whom I work, and what I work on. And I love it! I do.

Building the Wild and Wise communities, and sharing the W3 movement in all its’ forms – along with coaching and consulting – is the BEST!

BUT, it’s also work. Sometimes a lot of work. Sometimes I don’t know which way to turn next. Sometimes I’m too tired to think. Sometimes I’m defeated, and stressed, and overwhelmed, and wondering “what the heck am I doing?”

Elon Musk uses a quote from his friend Bill Lee:  ‘starting a company is like staring into the abyss and eating glass.’  This always cracks me up because it is so true.

I have been caught staring into the abyss W3. I have felt, some days, like every swallow, was an excruciating moment. lol

There is NO overnight success, (so please stop wasting money on any program or offer that promises such nonsense!)  Or better yet, email the people making those offers and ask them … “please provide me with the details of your journey so far – how long, how much invested, how much “real” profit, etc., and see if you get an honest answer.”

I don’t remember the source of this quote, I thought it was Bryan Adams but Google didn’t agree lol. Anyway – the quote was by some very successful superstar type and it said … “Overnight success? Yes, I am an overnight success 18 years in the making.”

THAT is the truth.

W3, I know, this is not my usual email to you. But I care about our tribe. A LOT. I feel protective of all of you. And one thing I have always promised is the truth. Transparency. And strategic, tactical, practical, takeaways you can put into practice.

And so here’s my promise (based on the numerous emails I just unsubscribed from and deleted in my inbox) …

Our new membership site that we are building … Wild and Wise YOU is going to include (as one of the categories) how to build, sustain, maintain, grow, your own lifestyle business.

I will invite my rockstar friends, and more experts who have been there, ARE there, and on their way there so you can see every phase of the journey and learn from our successes AND failures so far.

We will make sure you have inspiration, motivation, and actual real information, steps and shortcuts based on our experiences to build what you want. The life you don’t need a vacation from.

Now that won’t be all!

Because Wild and Wise Women have many facets, many nuances and layers and we are going to do our best to provide something for all of them.

Yes, relationships, health, creativity, passion and purpose, finances, decluttering your life, vision quests, meditations, self-care, wellness, professional and personal support will all be included as well.

Why so many things? Because we, wild and wise women ARE so many things!

So today, W3, head into YOUR inbox. Anyone that is taking up space that is making outrageous claims, anyone that is promising that they are the only people who can show you … anything really, anyone who just doesn’t seem to be projecting a positive and authentic energy … say goodbye with love.

And get ready for the most WILD, the most WISE, the most exciting new Wild and Wise project coming your way soon! I’m excited. I’m excited to be building a place and space where truth is told. You?

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You Are Loved,