I’m Mad

Good morning beautiful W3,

If you want to know how sensitive I truly am sometimes, here’s an example. When choosing the picture for this post – while my stomach is churning and my heart is thudding with emotion – I couldn’t even choose an “angry” or sad image … because I didn’t want to perpetuate that out into the world.

Not with even an image in a blog. I didn’t want that energy to sit in your inbox and so I wanted to shift that energy to one of peace, of blessing, of reflection and of “don’t worry – every little thing is going to be alright”.

Maybe it’s all the energy swirling right now.

Maybe it’s reading a message from a friend, a brilliant and insightful, positive and love-sharing “public” friend who has retreated completely due to online “attacks” to her and her family.

Maybe it’s seeing the #metoo campaign – so powerful and needed for so many reasons – yet also seeing the long threads where opinions and judgment are flung without consideration and explosions of emotion are triggered.

Maybe it’s seeing blame, shame, accusation, and judgment sent like poison for all to experience regardless of the intended recipient – which in some forms can dissipate the power of that poison but also spreads it like raindrops deeper into the world.

Maybe it’s that whole phenomenon of one step forward, two steps back “feeling” that makes you wonder why … why do we bother?

It’s a slippery slope. Communication is SO needed to bridge oceans that divide us yet … yet … I also understand the need to protect our hearts and souls.

And we also MUST act. We must take the next steps. There ARE next steps that must take place on the heels of #metoo. The hashtag is powerful, but not enough on its’ own.

There are next steps to take when someone you love retreats from the world because the world is too scary, mean and harsh.

There are next steps to take when you are the recipient – through direct aim or the raindrop effect – of blame, shame, accusation, and judgment.

AND … there is loss and grief around every single bit of it.

I invite you W3 to also say No More.

When boundaries are crossed, when poisonous words are sent anywhere near your direction or someone you love, when judgment is the first response of those in your circle … No More.

Maybe No More is for you. Maybe there are things that you wish to shift in your world. Maybe you want to seek to understand FIRST, before forming an opinion or accusation. I don’t know.

I know this. I’m a little bit mad this morning. I’m a little bit sad this morning. And there are “No More” actions that I will be taking when my head and heart are clear from emotion.

Wishing you peace today W3. Wishing you love. Wishing you a light heart and bright energy as you move through this day.

You Are Loved,

PS. Loss and grief are connected to so many things. They are “states of being” that for some bury them whole, and for others – have yet to touch the perimeter. If either of these or anywhere in between sounds like you … join us for our November workshop.

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