My Grandmothers War Time Story

Good morning beautiful W3,

We forget. Many of us are deeply blessed to have no ‘real’ frame of reference.  But many of us do. And many of our parents do. My dad does. And that’s what I think about … the stories he has shared.

I think about my Oma (grandma) who experienced so much. And so I’m quiet today. AND I went searching … searching for “HERstory” – the stories and experiences of those women who served (and continue to serve), those women who were impacted (and continue to be).

I didn’t find much.

But I found this.  My Grandmother’s WarTime Diary

Maybe you have a story.  I’d love to hear it. I truly have the deepest honour and respect for those who have served to ensure the freedom and liberties of all of us. Putting all politics and convictions aside for the moments it takes to give thanks.

If you have a link or a story or a name of someone we should know about, I would like to hear it. If you are a Wild and Wise Woman in, or have been in, ‘service’ OR are a W3 who supports a family member who is in, or who has been in, ‘service’ etc.

I am thinking of you today. You are in my heart today.

You Are Loved,