A Sweet Exchange

Good morning beautiful W3,

What a strange few days this has been! The fairie goblins of the computer / internet world seemed to be holding me hostage and many of the platforms I use on a daily basis would not let me enter.

Access denied.

Lol. What an odd experience it has been. What years ago would have driven me to extreme stress and distraction instead, I now see as a message from the Universe herSelf to step back.

And so I did. 

It’s a message I need and have done enough work to now hear when it is whispered. There was a time I couldn’t hear it … a time I wouldn’t hear it.

But here I am! December is going to be a lighter month for the W3 team. I have already let the entire team know that I want them too … to step back. Focus on family, on rest … on friends and laughter … and rest. Focus on your Self … putting self care at the top of the list of to-do’s and … you got it … rest.

We’ve been going fast for awhile now and we can’t be wild and wise for you …. if we aren’t wild and wise for our Selves. 🙂

So I invite you to join us! In this traditionally crazy December time to take the foot off the gas pedal. To coast a bit more. To step back and see things through a different lens and to focus … on family, on friends, on laughter, on love, on self-care and … rest. xo

Now for our top sharables this week!

1. Video: A Place Called Earth: Colombia by Cameron Brown

This … oh W3 … this. This is the most beautiful 4 1/2 minutes I have spent in some time. It’s a meditation, a warm bath for the senses, a place to breathe, a space to BE.  I will be watching this every day I know it. My new morning and evening ritual.

A Place Called Earth: Colombia – A short film to help protect our planet.

2. Non-Subscription – Sisterhood Holiday Gift Boxes

You know us W3, when you tell us you would like something we do everything we can to make it happen! That’s what we’ve done here! As I mentioned, we had W3 asking us for the option to purchase the gift boxes as a one time gift, not attached to a subscription, for the women in their life they love.

Wives, moms, sisters, daughters, soul-sisters, sister-friends, and all the variations that blend through those relationships.

We’ve been so blessed by you W3, who love the Sisterhood box, as you have ordered 10 at a time, 15 at a time … getting your holiday shopping done in one fell swoop – yes, but so so so much more. xoxoxoox

Beautiful W3, order the Sisterhood box as a gift this season, you only have a 72 hours so that we can make sure they are delivered to you in time.

Use the $10 off promo code “ShareTheLove” and you can also share the 30 affirmations with all the loved ones you gift a box to! What a beautiful gift to give, the Sisterhood Box AND inspirational affirmations!

Thank you W3 for supporting the Sisterhood Gift Box.

3. The Wild and Wise Sweet Exchange

Our beloved Kristen has created a Wild and Wise Sweet Exchange. I am going to let Kristen’s message about it speak for itself ….

It is NO secret that we here at W3 LOVE {BIG puffy heart LOVE} all things sweets! Want to join in on the fun of sending in YOUR favorite recipe to be included in the FIRST EVER Wild and Wise Women Sweet Treats and Eats?!

ANY type of sweet treat or eat is allowed… from your favorite family recipe that has been passed down for decades to the tried and true Toll House recipe. We want ALL the sweet treats!

Share a favorite sweet treat or eat. Get a booklet of favorite recipes from other Wild and Wise Women.

Doesn’t this sound like so much fun? Thank you Kristen for thinking of it and leading the way!! Kristen has created a Facebook group where we can compile our favorites, and share more!!  Come and take part … I know I am always excited to find new favorite sweets I can try and who better to take recommendations from than other Wild and Wise!!

You Are Loved,

PS. Honestly …. I have nothing to say here except I just want to repeat … You ARE Loved. Have a beautiful day W3. xoxo