Good morning beautiful W3!

I have a few wonderful things to share with you this morning – and it’s not even Saturday! 

We have a brand new exciting, fresh, and incredibly awesome Sisterhood workshop coming up this Sunday and because you are a VIP member of Wild and Wise Women – letting me visit your email inbox on a regular basis, you are getting a special pass to attend!

You and I both know W3 that being Healthy is NOT at all about a number on a scale. Being healthy is honouring our bodies waaaaaaaaay PAST what a certain size of jeans may or may not be.

THAT being said…

We are so thrilled to have as one of our very special guests this brilliant and stunning woman my team has had the pleasure of knowing for the past few months. They RAVE about her and as such, I have felt she would bring a ray of light and sunshine to our January workshop.

Meet Amy.

She has a story of feeling fatigued, worn-out, worn-down and Doctors were unable to figure out what was wrong with her. In our January workshop, she will share how food and movement has helped her be medication FREE for over TWO years now.  

Join Bev, Kristen, Amy and Steph on this first Sisterhood workshop of 2018 and stay right to the end for a guided meditation to take YOU through the new year in the best possible energetic state!

Don’t miss the workshop W3.

Join us for the Wild and Wise Sisterhood

“Getting Happy and Healthy” Workshop

Jan 14, 2018

3:00 PM Pacific Time

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PS. Many of you have asked how you can purchase Sisterhood boxes as Birthday Gifts. We have created a one-time gift box just for you!

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Also join the Sisterhood community, exclusively for subscribers, as together we make a real impact in the world. We are so proud to have committed $1600, along with our partner Matr Boomie, for a year long literacy class for up to 20 of our women Artisans and their children.

Yay to the Wild and Wise Sisterhood for being a part of empowerment

and change for women!

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