I Met a Dental Hygienist Today With Purpose

I Met A Dental Hygienist Today with PURPOSE …

Hey Beautiful W3,

It is a rainy Friday here today, and I spent most of this morning at the dentist office. First, I was an hour early which just allowed me to take an unplanned morning walk and I do love a walk in the rain! And then once I got in I was preparing myself … because you see a teeth cleaning for me has always been a tortuous experience.

I haven’t had cavities since I was a kid, but that little water thingy they use? (or weapon of evil as I like to call it …) just about sends me through the roof each time it touches my teeth.

So, a normal teeth cleaning would be stretched over two days and I would get frozen … yes just to have my teeth cleaned.

Yet, today was different! Today there was a lovely temp in our dentist office who “prides herself on keeping her clients comfortable during a cleaning, with NO freezing!”. Believe me, I was skeptical. This wasn’t my first trip to the rodeo – BUT she was earnest and sincere, and so … I trusted her.

AND … I got through the whole cleaning – no freezing – very minor discomfort – and all in one visit! Now, you might be wondering – what are you rambling on about Christa … so what?

Well, here’s the thing. I could have dug my heels in, staunchly defending my past experiences and past stories INSISTING on the freezing and the way we’ve done it in the past. But I didn’t. I was willing to take the chance that this time could be different.

​​​​​​​Maybe it wouldn’t have worked … but because we promised (my dental hygienist and I) to communicate and voice the slightest concern or pain, I was comfortable with moving forward and trying.

And here’s another thing. This particular hygienist PRIDED HERSELF on customer comfort and care, “pain-free” cleanings – without freezing. This is HER specialty. Her niche. A part of how she lives out her purpose. And I don’t want anyone else to clean my teeth honestly ever again!

As we keeping building the Wild and Wise YOU membership site, Amber my temp hygienist is the kind of wild and wise woman I want you to meet. I am dedicated to bringing you women from every walk of life – doing big and smaller, impactful things in the world.

Some will teach “classes”, some we will learn from hearing their story, some will take us to build better businesses, write better copy, publish books – and others will teach us meditation, yoga, wellness – others still will come to us with parenting and relationship knowledge to share – and still others living out of the box lives that will inspire us to step outside our own boxes.

I want to offer it all. That’s what I want. I want you as wild and wise women to be able to come to one place, one space – and there you will find everything possible to create the most amazing vision for your life – with step by step mentorship and support to make that vision real. That’s what I want. What do you want W3?

Hit reply and let me know. As always, your voice matters – and I am building Wild and Wise YOU for …. YOU. 🙂

You Are Loved

Christa xo

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Anything that a new person entering our community receives, you will have the opportunity to also access. This matters to me, and so I wanted to make sure you knew about it.

I’ve never understood how as a new customer to a tv, cell phone, or online product you could receive all these great bonuses and special discounts … but as a long standing customer – you were offered nothing! (unless sometimes if you threatened to leave).

That’s not how Wild and Wise Women roll … so if you see something cross your desktop from Wild and Wise Women (ie. on FB or a webpage) have no fear … it either has been or will be in an email – and you can ALWAYS email us at [email protected] and we will ensure you have what you need. 🙂