Wild And Wise Kindness

Good morning beautiful W3,

I am feeling so grateful and full of love for all of you! I have been working through a persistent headache this past week and while I was not at my best nor my sharpest, there you all were – reading my messages, sending me messages in return, sending your love and kindness across the miles. Thank you!

I am feeling better today, so much so that I have a huge pot of chilli planned for my family later on this Saturday afternoon. The perfect cozy, staying in kind of comfort meal. In meantime …

Here are our Top 3 Sharables for this week!

1. Video:  Kindness

I LOVE this video. I’ve watched it maybe 10 times and have a little tear in my eye every single time. How often we go through our days, day after day after day, NOT telling someone how grateful we are for them and all they do.

And here is what it has prompted me to do ….

Action:  Let’s create our OWN wild and wise kindness/gratitude video compilation!!

1.  Create your own video, up to 15 seconds long, thanking someone who has impacted your life with their kindness.

2. Make sure the lighting is bright so we can see your gorgeous face, and that the sound is clear so we can hear your beautiful words.

3. Send your video, with your full name and where you live, and the full name of the person you are speaking about in the video to [email protected] with Kindness Video Submission in the subject line.  (Kristin will take it from there)

4. You sending us the video is our permission to download it, add it to the compilation, and post it in our social media feeds AND

5. Provide you with a link so that you can direct the person you love to the video so that they can see your thanks up close and personal!  How great! A perfect holiday gift for someone you love, that you perhaps haven’t told them just how much you do love and appreciate them.

Don’t wait W3. Do it right this second. Create a video (heck, if you have a bunch of people to thank, send us individual videos about each one and we’ll do our best to get them all included!)  Remember 15 seconds max.

Wild and Wise Kindness this holiday season … ok, I’m tearing up again.

2. App:  Breethe -Meditation Made Simple

This is a great followup to our Meditation Kickstart Guide! (check that out if you haven’t yet). This app, like so many, has paid versions but also has a free version that does the trick perfectly.

One of my favourite things about this platform is that there are more women’s voices guiding the meditations, which works much better for me. I relax much more with a female voice in my ear than I do a man’s and that is ONLY a personal preference.

I love this app (which can be found in your app store) because it keeps it simple, and builds upon each other. You don’t need alot W3. Start small. Take a baby step.

3. Sisterhood Gift Box – Pre-Christmas Delivery!

Yes, you still have a little bit of time to join the Wild and Wise Sisterhood AND receive our Premier gift box before Christmas! You will get to experience all the fun and delight of our first giftbox (never to return … because a first is a first after all)  that was shipped out last month and it will be delivered to your door before Christmas … that’s a promise!

Then you will also receive the daily positive affirmations (which are beautiful), and be invited to our exclusive monthly live group workshops, (our first one is next week!), AND receive your next gift box in January after all the crazy holidays are over and you’ll be aching for a little bit of pampering and love.

One More thing …. 

Now, I want you to know W3, we really do listen carefully to all your feedback. And one of the things we did hear is that you would really appreciate being able to join with a monthly subscription, at $33.00 per month, rather than the quarterly one. (We totally get it, sometimes it’s just easier to manage)

You Are Loved,

PS. Really, no kidding W3. Go film a short video. Send it to us at [email protected] – let’s do this Wild and Wise Kindness Video that we can share with those people who have impacted our lives with their simple kindness or big acts of love. Don’t they deserve it?