Story Wars: Collaborative Writing Platform

Good morning beautiful W3,

It’s that time again ….Our time to share!

1. Video: Mel Robbins: When Someone You Love Doesn’t Support Your Dreams

There are SO many great nuggets in this 3 minute video of Mel speaking with an attendee at one of her speaking engagements you don’t want to miss it. My favorite?

“I don’t listen to anybody that gives me advice, who I wouldn’t trade places with.”

I have THE most supportive spouse on the planet, and still I wrote down three or four BAM moments that I don’t want to forget.

Mel’s BAM response to “Are you trying to BE “something”? at 2:00.

AND I love the look on Mel’s face as she answered this question at 1:54!

2. Story Wars: Collaborative Writing Platform

Story Wars is a really cool way to just get started with your writing and have fun and support while you do it! You can start your own story, or add to others, and there are points and gems and voting to keep it fun.

There are thousands of stories you can choose to collaborate on, in any genre or category you can imagine. I know that there are many many writers in our Wild and Wise community, so please make sure you read the rules and licensing to be informed and if you start a Wild and Wise story let us know in the Facebook group so we can collaborate with you!

3.  November Workshop: Recovering From Loss and Finding Your Way

The November workshop will be held on Sunday, November 26 at 3 pm PT / 6 pm ET, and is accessible for all active members of Wild and Wise Sisterhood.

With everything that is going on around the world, grief and loss are all around us.  Not to mention our personal circumstances that include divorce, job loss, loss of our homes, friendships, lifestyle, possessions and most important and critical of all … our Loss of Self due to years of putting others first, putting our passions aside, and becoming numb to our lives …

It’s No Wonder We Don’t Even Recognize How Loss Has Affected Our Daily Lives, and the Lives of Those We Love.

That’s why our November’s Sisterhood Workshop topic such an important one.  With very special guests; including Certified Grief Recovery Specialist Christina Lerchen, and Wild and Wise Women who are seeking help to take first, or next, steps to healing it will be an extremely meaningful session that I am honoured to host and facilitate.

Already a member of the Sisterhood? Fantastic! Keep an eye on your inbox for more upcoming details. (And also an eye on your phone for I will be calling you now that your first box has been delivered!)

If you haven’t joined us yet, no problem. Sign up now to attend a live group Sisterhood class every single month starting in November, and receive the next gift box being shipped out in January, and every 3 months after (each box $200 value!).

You Are Loved,

PS. I can’t wait to see what Wild and Wise Stories are created in Story Wars. Keep us posted in the group so we can be a part of it with you!